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Month: April 2024

Feedbuck: Harness lightning-speed feedback for success

​[[{“value”:” Feedbuck is a revolutionary business tool designed to streamline the process of collecting user feedback for startups and businesses. With an AI-powered approach, Feedbuck generates personalized feedback questions tailored to meet specific objectives such as Product Market Fit (PMF), Pricing, Usability, and more. In just three simple steps, users can enter their website, let […]

Intellisay: Optimize your day with voice-activated planning

​[[{“value”:” Intellisay is a revolutionary business tool designed to help managers create and optimize their daily plans using the power of their voice. With Intellisay, users can easily create tasks and events simply by speaking them out loud, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual input. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Intellisay transcribes and analyzes spoken […]

StabilityAI: Unleashing the power of generative AI models

​[[{“value”:” StabilityAI is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to activate humanity’s potential through generative AI. With open models available in every modality for everyone, everywhere, StabilityAI offers a range of innovative features to assist businesses in various areas. One key feature is the Stable Assistant, a friendly chatbot equipped with the latest in text […]

Hypotenuse: Ai content writer tailored to your brand

​[[{“value”:” Hypotenuse is an AI Content Writer revolutionizing the way businesses create content. With a focus on authenticity, SEO optimization, and brand voice, Hypotenuse allows you to write content that truly sounds like you. From blog articles to social media posts and product descriptions, Hypotenuse offers over 20 different content types catered specifically to help […]

RICOH spaces unveils dynamic platform for hybrid workforces

​[[{“value”:” RICOH Australia, a prominent provider of smart workplace technology, has introduced RICOH Spaces to the Australian market. This dynamic workplace experience platform aims to facilitate hybrid working models and optimize business operations. Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform with infrastructure based in Australia, RICOH Spaces utilizes workplace analytics to enable enterprises to make data-driven decisions […]

Alphinity and CSIRO partner on open-source toolkit for responsible AI investing

​[[{“value”:” Alphinity Investment Management and CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, have unveiled a comprehensive framework and toolkit for responsible AI (RAI) designed to assist investors in harnessing the growing potential of artificial intelligence.  Titled “The Intersection of Responsible AI and ESG: A Framework for Investors Report,” this three-part toolkit offers practical, open-source resources that can […]

Tech Tuesday: Cloud based back up services

​[[{“value”:” Ever lost important documents or photos due to a hard drive crash or accidental deletion? Cloud-based backup services can be your hero, offering a secure off-site storage solution for your irreplaceable data. In this week’s edition of tech Tuesday, we look at the top cloud based back up services for SMEs. Backblaze Backblaze offers reliable and affordable cloud […]

Simplified: Unleash your creativity with Ai

​[[{“value”:” Simplified is a game-changing business tool that leverages the power of AI to help entrepreneurs and business managers in creating, editing, collaborating, and sharing content seamlessly. With Simplified, users can access a variety of features such as AI Writer, AI Design, AI Video, Social Media AI, and more, all in one application. The AI […]

VitraAI: Breaking language barriers for global business success

​[[{“value”:” VitraAi is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to revolutionize global communication by breaking down language barriers. Leveraging Generative AI technology, VitraAi transforms complex, multi-lingual content into accessible and seamless communication, enabling businesses to connect with international audiences effortlessly. This tool enhances productivity, context awareness, and cost-effectiveness by integrating cutting-edge AI to navigate the […]