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AlanAi: Unlock automation & boost productivity with Ai


AlanAI is a cutting-edge business tool that offers a wide range of features to help business managers boost productivity and streamline operations. With AlanAI, users can build universal agents effortlessly to unlock any automation, resulting in a potential return on investment of 10X-15X.

One of the core features of AlanAI is its ‘Unified Brain’, which seamlessly integrates all enterprise data, including static documents, dynamic sources such as Apps, Data Lakes, and IoT. This integration ensures that users have access to all relevant information in one centralized location.

AlanAI also offers Explainable AI, which ensures transparency and trust in AI reasoning by providing reasoning graphs to trace response generation and identify data sources. Controllable AI allows users to take full control of AI reasoning and output format by incorporating a Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), while Extensible AI enables the automation of AI reasoning from minimal samples and auto-generation of reasoning and code for new workflows.

The platform offers a private AI solution with flexible cloud deployment options, including SaaS, Virtual Private Cloud, and Private Cloud, ensuring data security and privacy. Users can enjoy an immersive user experience with deep, intuitive interaction through lightweight SDKs that integrate seamlessly into any app or website, on any device.

With low-code tools, JavaScript, IntelliSense, syntax highlighting, and code generation, users can leverage AlanAI’s IDE and Command and Control Center for the complete lifecycle management of their Agents. The platform also provides advanced analytics for deep insights into user interactions and system performance, as well as cohort-based launches for precise A/B testing and optimization.

Whether it’s IT administration, business operations, sales, or knowledge sharing, AlanAI serves as a strategic AI partner in delivering excellence across various business functions. With AlanAI, users can redefine learning, enhance customer interactions, and simplify complex processes to drive business success.

AlanAi – Features

Build universal agents effortlessly to unlock any automation
‘Unified Brain’ seamlessly integrates all enterprise data
Explainable AI ensures transparency & trust in AI reasoning
Controllable AI allows full control of AI reasoning and output format
Extensible AI automates AI reasoning from minimal samples
Private AI offers flexible cloud deployment options for data security and privacy
Immersive user experience with lightweight SDK integration
Low-code studio with tools for lifecycle management of Agents

AlanAi – Pricing

AlanAi offers a Free Trial plan for non-commercial use with limited interactions. The Developer plan costs $0.02 per interaction with more features. The Enterprise plan includes volume discounts, unlimited assistants and data indexing, A/B testing, and 24/7 support. Contact sales for pricing.

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