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Avantix: Data solutions for business process automation


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Avantix offers data solutions for business process automation, aiding in the transition to a digital environment. They provide quality scanning services for various document types, such as enterprise scanning projects covering documents, large formats, microfilm, and bound books. Additionally, their data services include capture, merging, cleansing, and integration of data for accurate and cost-effective results.

The tool is a pre-approved supplier of scanning services to Australian State, Federal, and Local Governments. They are endorsed by organizations like the National Archives of Australia and the Reserve Bank of Australia for their digitization services. Avantix’s professional scanning services encompass both off-site and on-site outsourcing options based on business needs.

Their document scanning services aim to convert paper-based documents into accessible electronic images and data, addressing the need for information sharing, regulatory compliance, space-saving, and quick data retrieval. Their back scanning services help businesses integrate existing paper records into digital systems.

Avantix also offers day forward scanning services for businesses transitioning to a digital work environment where paper documents still flow in, requiring assimilation into core digital systems. They provide strategic procurement guidance on scanning hardware and software, solution design, proof of concept testing, operational support, scanning overflow redundancy, and training for scanning teams.

Their data consolidation and data cleansing services focus on delivering accurate and reliable data feeds to integrate into core software systems. Through information flow workshops and technical drawing data audits, Avantix helps businesses streamline information processing workflows, identify and correct data sets, and empower decision-making processes.

Overall, Avantix provides a comprehensive range of solutions to digitize and optimize business processes through scanning, data consolidation, and workflow improvements, supporting organizations in their transition to a paperless work environment and enhancing operational efficiency.

Avantix – Features

Data solutions for business process automation
Quality scanning services for all document types
Specialising in enterprise scanning projects covering a wide range of source media
Services for capture, merging, cleansing and integration of data
Software solutions to optimize business processes, improve accuracy, and integrate with core systems
Pre-approved supplier of scanning services to Australian State, Federal, or Local Government
Provides document scanning services for compliance records, application forms, bulk archival projects, and more
Offers strategic procurement, solution design, proof of concept, support, training, and scanning overflow & redundancy services.

Avantix – Pricing

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