B2B Marketers – Be Nice To Them

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I’ve been on both sides of Business to Business marketing from a business side and the marketers. Lets face it, we see a lot of people trying to sell us stuff and it can get fairly annoying BUT remember when starting a business that’s how we promote ourselves and build our brand so before you shun can I suggest maybe listen, take some information and consider what the product and service can do for your business. I don’t know too many people who actually like Business to Business marketing.

Last week I was marketing and getting our name out and something that happened. I went into a butchery and said my lines “Hi my name is Glenn I’m from Small Business Connect and we represent and support small businesses. I handed him a flyer and without so much of a smile he took it and through it straight in the bin.

Now I’ve been working with small businesses for 10 years and one thing I do know is that this persons business was not doing to well. His shop was always bare and the bakery next to him closed the week before so we would have been able to assist in some way. If only he read the flyer.

I will admit I did take offense to it and thought I would blog about him (I guess I sort of am) I just thought that flyer cost me money and how rude. Then the cliche perhaps he was having a bad day. The point is don’t ever dismiss anyone or anything that comes through your doors, or who contacts you because you never know where your next sale will come from. The person you dismiss may have a u-beauty idea or they may have loads or contacts or experiences which can help you and your business.

That old saying the guy who dresses like a bum is usually the most wealthiest person in the village.

Your next sale could come from me!!!
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