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Best AI marketing tools in 2024

Today, technology is a big part of our lives, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in almost every industry, including marketing.

AI marketing tools have completely changed how digital marketing works. They make it easier to connect with customers, provide personalised experiences, and get useful insights for businesses. This mix of AI and marketing helps businesses understand and engage with their target audience better than ever.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to some of the most powerful AI-powered marketing tools that are changing the way marketing is done. Whether you’re a marketing expert, a new startup, or just curious, this overview of the best AI marketing tools will give you valuable insights into the future of digital marketing.

Outgrow: No-Code tools for qualified leads


Outgrow is an innovative marketing tool powered by artificial intelligence to help marketers garner qualified leads seamlessly. It features a Quiz Maker and Calculator Builder, renowned for their superbly optimized templates, sophisticated integrations, superior branding opportunities, and exceptional support system. Outgrow is easy to use and versatile, hosting over 1000 pre-optimized templates to surge your conversion rates by over 40%. The tool also offers crucial analytics and data integration for a comprehensive understanding of your customer behavior. Customer testimonials highly praise its personalized support and seamless functionality. Moreover, Outgrow’s adjustable features help establish your unique brand essence effortlessly.

Outgrow Features

Acquires qualified leads

Integrations and branded content customization

Provides intelligent analytics

Advanced calculation features

High rated customer support

More details and pricing →

Tripetto: Revolutionise your form building with intelligent features


Tripetto is a robust form-building tool that revolutionizes the production and utilization of customizable forms via its unique features. It merges the functionality of SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Landbot, delivering an in-depth solution for creating and operating aesthetic and customizable forms. Its intuitive ‘magnetic storyboard’ allows you to construct complex forms, surveys, and flowcharts using simple, drag-and-drop interactions. With Tripetto, users can transform layouts effortlessly, automate notifications, track form activities, and ensure data storage compliance. Moreover, it offers easy integrations, ensuring the seamless operation of your workflows. This AI-powered tool is a game-changer in form-building and data management.

Tripetto Features

Builds customizable forms

Magnetic storyboard interface

Convertible form faces

Fast, no-code automations

Flexible data storage options

More details and pricing →

GrowSurf: Supercharge your growth with automated referral programs


GrowSurf is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses harness the power of referral marketing effortlessly. Ideal for B2C, SaaS, and FinTech companies, it allows teams to launch a customer referral program quickly and hassle-free. Growing businesses can utilize this automated referral program software to decrease customer acquisition costs and boost brand loyalty. At its core, GrowSurf focuses on efficiency, with features such as personalized link generation and automated reward fulfillment, all while integrating seamlessly with existing CRM systems, email marketing tools and more. Explore GlowSurf today and unlock the potential of word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

GrowSurf Features

Launches customer referral programs

Rapid setup and integration

Generates personalized referral links

Provides automated reward fulfillment

Connects with CRM and marketing tools

More detail and pricing →

Podia: All-in-one platform for your marketing success


Podia is an all-in-one AI-powered tool providing robust solutions for businesses. Its versatile platform offers easy website building, advanced email marketing, and seamless selling of digital products such as ebooks, webinars, and courses. With Podia, even those without coding or design skills can effortlessly create a professional-looking website in just 10 minutes. Its efficient email marketing system allows for beautiful email templates and data-driven segmentation. Beyond just a sales platform, Podia fosters community-building with its ability to create paid or free communities and memberships. Experience this comprehensive business tool that simplifies online operations and drives success.

Podia Features

Website building features

Email marketing capabilities

Digital product selling options

Community-building features

Membership plan tiers-setup

More details and pricing →

PhantomBuster: Automate lead generation and accelerate your business


PhantomBuster is an AI-powered lead generation tool designed to automate and streamline your data collection and outreach processes. By harnessing the power of over 100 readymade automations and prebuilt workflows, this tool seamlessly integrates with popular platforms to generate high-quality leads in minutes. Its standout feature is the AI-powered extraction of lead lists from any website. PhantomBuster fills gaps in your database with accurate contact information, simplifies personalized outreach campaigns, and even offers an inbuilt feature to monitor the success of these strategies. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, PhantomBuster revolutionizes the lead generation process.

PhantomBuster Features

Automates data collection

Extracts leads from websites

Provides lead enrichment capabilities

Automates outreach campaigns

Monitors campaign success

More details and pricing →

Landbot: Revolutionize your business with AI-powered chatbots


Experience the future of marketing, sales and customer service with Landbot, an innovative AI Chatbot Generator. Designed to streamline conversations across the customer journey, Landbot facilitates automated, human-like engagements that not only drive revenue but also cut operating costs. With the ability to generate three times more leads and increase meeting show rates exponentially, it offers unbeatable efficiency. Providing 24/7 customer assistance, Landbot enhances customer experiences by offering personalized communication across multiple channels. Additionally, its seamless integration capabilities, easy-to-use interface and bot-to-human handoff feature ensure you delight customers at every interaction. Discover the vast potential of Landbot with its educational resources.

Landbot Features

Generates 3 times more leads

Increases meetings and show rates

Provides 24/7 customer assistance

Enables personalized, omnichannel experiences

Offers bot-to-human handoff capability

More details and pricing → Transform customer service with conversational AI is a leading AI conversational tool specially tailored to enhance and automate customer experiences in enterprise businesses. The platform uses self-learning AI to offer 24/7 automated customer support, dramatically improving response times and customer satisfaction. Besides facilitating effortless conversation flow creation, also connects to existing self-service solutions to optimize customer interactions. With an omnichannel approach, it guarantees support access across multiple platforms. Utilizing advanced NLU and NLP, consistently provides solutions on thousands of topics, maintaining a resolution rate exceeding 90%. Its easy-to-use training editor, coupled with LLM integration, makes a potent tool for supercharging customer service agents. Features

24/7 automated customer support

No-code conversation builder

Omnichannel customer experience

Scalable Natural Language Understanding

Next-level conversational AI

More details and pricing →

RAD AI: Revolutionize influencer marketing with creative intelligence


Introducing RAD AI – a business tool designed to revolutionize influencer marketing. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, RAD AI facilitates data-driven decisions, providing content strategy, and managing high-performing influencer campaigns. It replaces traditional guesswork with dynamic, data-backed insights, using over 600 API-based data connections. The platform delivers an optimal influencer, persona, and creative strategy tailored to each brand’s campaign. With an emphasis on transparency and scalability, RAD AI considers historical social engagements to craft strategies at every stage of a campaign. Their white-glove service guarantees a seamless, personalized experience. Discover the future of influencer marketing with RAD AI.

RAD AI Features

Data-Driven Creative Decisions

Influencer Campaign Performance Tracking

Optimal Influencer Identification

Sustained Scale and Performance

Influencer Marketing Activation

More details and pricing →

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