Building A Smart Home Office

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When working from home there are many distractions things that take your mind away from business. One thing you don’t want is your internet not running to it’s maximum and the gear around your house not working properly either. Introducing your new smart office.

I have recently been introduced to the smart concept which means running everything from wifi.

Technology can be daunting, but when you decide to actually learn about the new ways of life and what smart technology can do it’s amazing not only for your workstation but your home.

Smart technology has been around near on 10 years but the developments have just increased today I am going to promote the google nest technology I am not getting paid to promote their gear but it’s what I have just introduced into our home and our office.

We now run everything through the system such as our lights, our printers, vacuum and we want to get an air-conditioner as well to hook up. The beauty is all you need to do is use your voice hey’ google turn off the lights, hey google change the lights to blue. You have to have the lights which are compatible but everything is activated by voice.

There are many cool benefits but the benefits to your business is that if you have the Google Nest wifi pack you can have up to 200 devices connected to the web inside your home and office. Because the router is plugged into your modem that you currently have and when you purchase your system it will come with a wifi point and this will expand your internet coverage and will also use your current speed that you have when it comes to data downloads and uploads. This allows you to have many devices and the speeds are constant. The reason we first brought the system was our internet coverage wasn’t stable within the home and since learning what we could do we have slowly built up our google product collection. It’s not that I’m lazy… well do be honest I am.

I fully recommend these products and thank you to @clunka for demonstrating to me what the system can do. The system is a little expensive but once you use it you will quickly see the value.

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