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Having a background in the public supporting charities was something that I took seriously, I enjoyed getting out there and doing what I could to give back. Then one day I spoke to a few people inside these charities and found out that less then 10% of monies raised went to the actual people that the charities were claiming to help.

My faith in charities were questioned and since then I have only supported those that I knew that money went to. However the charities that our company does however support I know 100% that the money raised will go to the people that need it. The below mentioned are those we support during our charity drive events, we invite you to support them when and if you can but only if you can supporting charities is personal.

I have known Father Chris Riley since my TV days, he has supported me and I can say that Youth off the streets is one of the most credible charity there is that I have been involved with. Father Riley and his team work with disengaged youth who are left destitute. One day I visited one of his hubs near Goulburn NSW and saw first hand the good he does. There were a couple of classrooms full with young people actually learning. During my time there I was able to see these young people thrive. They had a place to live, educated and Father Riley they treated like a father, the bond they had was incredible. Later in 2005 we shot one of our shows and we had the Youth off the streets ensemble on the show and the talent of these young people simply amazing. Father Riley’s call cry is ‘There’s no such thing as a bad kid, just a bad environment.’

If you would like to support Father Riley’s Youth off the streets please visit the link below.

Visit website

One of the worst event a parent can do is bury a child. Sadly in 2011 I had to do just that. Sadly my ex wife and I had a stillborn daughter and from that moment on our lives changed forever. Unless you have gone through it no one can ever know the impact that this creates.

When this happened I was lost as a father, Danika being my first child I was devastated. My ex wife had her support but us fathers didn’t really have an outlet. Through a friend Craig Davis I was introduced to Garry Sillett from Pillars Of Strength, a year previous he started Pillars of strength to help other fathers who were going through the same situation. Garry lost his son Isaac maybe a year and a half previous.

The idea of Pillars of strength was to get fathers in touch with other fathers of bereaved children and come together in some way not to necessarily talk specifically about their experience but to do mate stuff like, Go to the footy, a game of golf anything to try to put your experience to the side for a period, the first few years is extremely difficult. 83% of couples who experience the loss of an infant generally break-up myself being included in the 83%.

I was lucky to have the support of Garry and Pillars of strength during that time. I will always be thankful and is a reason why I promote Pillars Of Strength. If you are a father and need support please contact me and/or you can support Pillars of strength giving a donation of money or time anything to assist. It has been great to see the great work of Garry and his charity he started it’s huge and helps a lot of fathers.

If you would like to support Pillars Of Strength or know a father who has experienced the death of a child who may need support please visit the website


Charities We Support

We invite you to check out the charities in which we support. If you can and able to donate please do.