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Cleanlab Studio: Trustworthy data for reliable insights


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Cleanlab is a powerful business tool that helps turn unreliable data into reliable models and insights without the need for any coding. This tool is designed to handle the entire data quality and data-centric AI pipeline in a single framework for analytics and machine learning tasks. With Cleanlab Studio, you can automatically improve your dataset by identifying and fixing data issues such as outliers and ambiguous data, as well as label issues like incorrectly labeled data.

One of the key features of Cleanlab is its AutoML capability, which allows users to automatically train and tune robust models using the world’s most advanced AutoML. This automated pipeline takes care of data preprocessing, model fine-tuning, hyperparameter tuning, and model selection, making it easy for businesses to diagnose data issues and re-train models on corrected datasets with just one click.

Cleanlab also offers seamless model deployment, allowing users to train and deploy robust ML models without writing any code. With just a few clicks, businesses can access real-time and batch inference through a web interface or REST API, getting accurate predictions for unlabeled data or evaluating models on labeled test data.

In addition, Cleanlab provides diagnostic tools that allow users to explore analytics, summaries, and specific issues within their datasets. This includes finding classes with the most label issues and exploring suggested corrections for all classes in the dataset. Furthermore, Cleanlab Studio interfaces directly with a variety of data sources, making it easy to integrate with your existing data storage solutions.

Cleanlab is suitable for a wide range of industries including data and tech consulting, law, financial services and insurance, e-commerce and retail, manufacturing and agriculture, and healthcare. It can be used for applications such as data entry, management, and curation, foundation and large language models, business intelligence and analytics, data annotation and crowdsourcing, customer service, and content moderation. If you are looking for a reliable tool to improve your data quality and streamline your machine learning processes, Cleanlab may be the right choice for your business.

Cleanlab – Features

Automated data quality and data-centric AI pipeline
Data curation without the need for code
AutoML for training and tuning robust models
Seamless model deployment with just a few clicks
Diagnostics to explore analytics, summaries, and specific issues within datasets
Enterprise-ready integration with various data storage options
Suitable for industries like Data and Tech Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare, etc.
Applications include Data Management, Business Intelligence, Customer Service, etc.

Cleanlab – Pricing

Cleanlab offers three pricing plans: Cleanlab Open-Source with API only and support for different data types, Cleanlab Studio with a free trial for auto-fixing data issues, and Cleanlab Studio Enterprise with support for various data types and priority for new feature requests. Contact for commercial license.

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