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Coffice: Cultivating team happiness through recognition and celebration


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Coffice is a business tool designed to help build happier teams through recognition and celebration of key milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries. The tool offers features such as sending peer-to-peer recognition points, multiple recognitions with a single click, a TV board to broadcast recognition and celebrate team success, a leaderboard to track and honor top contributors in real-time, and a news feed to stay updated on colleagues’ achievements. Coffice also allows for the celebration of birthdays and work anniversaries, with alerts for team leads to remind them of important dates.

One of the standout features of Coffice is its TV board, which visually represents acknowledgment and appreciation throughout the office, reinforcing a culture of recognition. The tool also promotes operational transparency and trust by making recognitions public within the organization and encouraging open communication. Additionally, Coffice integrates with BambooHR to ensure that no birthdays or work anniversaries are missed, promoting inclusivity and community spirit within the team.

Overall, Coffice aims to foster a culture of appreciation and recognition within teams of any size and setup, keeping everyone connected and appreciated. By utilizing features such as the TV board, peer-to-peer recognition, and monthly recaps, businesses can cultivate a positive work environment that values and celebrates team members’ achievements and milestones. If you are a business manager looking to enhance employee morale and build stronger team relationships, Coffice may be a valuable tool to consider for your organization.

Coffice – Features

Send Peer-to-peer Recognition Points
Multiple Recognitions with a Single Click
TV Board for broadcasting team success
Leaderboard for tracking top contributors
News Feed for staying updated on achievements
Celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
Effortless Data Integration with BambooHR
Monthly Recaps for reviewing team performance
Coming Soon: Recognition Points Limit Change for team customization

Coffice – Pricing

Coffice offers pricing plans at 0.99$ per month for 1 user and 594$ per year for a team of 50, making it three times less expensive than competitors.

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