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ConsensusApp: AI search engine for research


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ConsensusApp is an AI-powered search engine designed for research purposes, helping users find and understand the best science efficiently. With over 200 million research papers spanning various domains of science and academia, Consensus offers extensive research coverage. By leveraging AI insights through features like Copilot and Consensus Meter, users can gain valuable insights faster and locate the most relevant papers for their queries using proprietary academic search tools and filters. The tool cites every source, ensuring users are only a click away from the underlying research paper.

Consensus is particularly beneficial for students, researchers, science organizations, clinicians, doctors, universities, schools, writers, journalists, and health & fitness experts. Whether you are conducting research, fact-checking, or seeking answers from the literature, Consensus caters to individuals with curiosity and a need for reliable information. The tool is used by over a million researchers, students, doctors, professionals, and evidence-based individuals worldwide.

Compared to ChatGPT, which focuses on predicting language, Consensus prioritizes helping users find and understand the best science efficiently. It generates results directly connected to scientific papers, offering machine-generated insights without the risk of hallucinations. With features like Consensus Meter, Copilot, Paper-level Insights, Search Filters, Quality Indicators, and Study Snapshot, Consensus facilitates an efficient and organized search experience.

The ultimate goal of Consensus is to provide instant access to the most relevant academic papers and integrate peer-reviewed citations seamlessly into projects through the Consensus API. Driven by a team committed to making the world’s best information accessible to everyone, Consensus ensures users can navigate through vast amounts of scientific literature to find the answers they seek effortlessly.

ConsensusApp – Features

AI Search Engine for Research
Extensive research coverage with access to over 200M research papers
Time-saving AI insights with Copilot and Consensus Meter
Results connected to scientific papers with auto-citations
Search Filters to refine results by various criteria
Study Snapshot feature for quick key information
Quality indicators to focus on the best papers
Consensus Copilot for drafting content, lists, and more

ConsensusApp – Pricing

ConsensusApp offers affordable pricing plans for monthly or annually subscriptions. The Free plan includes unlimited searches and research quality indicators. The Premium plan at $8.99 per month offers unlimited access to advanced features. The Teams plan at $9.99 per seat per month caters to small teams, while the Enterprise plan is for universities and large organizations with custom packages. Students can claim a 40% discount with a .edu or .ac email address.

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