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Effy: Revolutionize your performance reviews with AI-powered software


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Effy is an AI-powered business tool that offers fast and stress-free 360 feedback and performance review software for teams. With Effy, users can easily run their first 360 review in just 60 seconds, making the process efficient and time-saving.

One of the key features of Effy is its ready-to-use templates and vast question bank. Users can say goodbye to the hassle of creating review forms from scratch or struggling to find the right questions. Effy’s question bank offers a wide range of thoughtfully curated queries that evaluate an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and performance, resulting in more precise and insightful reviews.

Effy also prioritizes diversity in the review process by allowing flexible reviewer nominations. Users can collect reviews from different sources such as self, peer, manager, and subordinate evaluations. The platform goes even further by allowing employees to suggest particular peers and seek approval from their manager, giving them a voice in their reviews.

Effy aims to achieve the highest response rate on autopilot. It eliminates the need for manual follow-ups by establishing deadlines for response collection and letting Effy AI handle the rest. Reviewers and review administrators will be kept up-to-date and on track. Additionally, users can gain valuable insights into the process through comprehensive statistical data visualization.

One of the standout features of Effy is its AI-generated review reports. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Effy carefully processes reviewers’ answers and generates comprehensive reports for each employee based on the review responses. This saves users hours of analyzing and summarizing review responses, making the review process more efficient and effective.

Effy also offers integration with Slack, a popular team communication platform. Users can receive review notifications and fill in reviews directly within Slack, increasing efficiency and engagement in the performance review process. Colleagues can also be easily invited using Slack user lists, making working with Effy AI even more convenient.

Effy – Features

Ready-to-use templates and a vast question bank for creating review forms.
Flexible reviewer nominations from various sources (self, peer, manager, subordinate evaluations).
Automated follow-ups and deadlines to achieve a high response rate.
AI-generated review reports for employees, saving time in analyzing and summarizing responses.
Integration with Slack for review notifications and submission.
Comprehensive statistical data visualization for insights into the review process.
Employee involvement in suggesting peers and seeking approval from managers.
Increased efficiency and engagement in the performance review process.

Effy – Pricing

Effy offers a free plan for teams of up to 10 people. The Startup plan is $75 per month, while the Company plan costs $300 per month. The Enterprise plan starts at $10,000 with a fixed price.

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