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We're Building the World's BIGGEST Online Community for Small Businesses

EzyCourse: AI platform for membership, courses, communities, coaching and built in email marketing


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EzyCourse is a comprehensive business tool that offers a wide range of features suited for creating, marketing, and delivering courses, communities, coaching services, and email marketing campaigns. One of the standout features of EzyCourse is its AI Subtitles Generator, which automatically generates accurate subtitles for videos, making content more accessible to a wider audience.

For businesses looking to protect their digital content, EzyCourse provides robust DRM solutions and comprehensive content security measures to prevent unauthorized distribution and piracy. The platform also offers advanced pricing options and a user-friendly course builder for selling courses, bundles, and memberships.

EzyCourse enables businesses to monetize their knowledge and experience through various revenue streams, including selling courses, digital and physical products, communities, chats, appointment booking, and membership sites. Additionally, the platform is committed to providing opportunities for users to earn money online and turn their passion into a successful business.

In addition to the current features, EzyCourse is continuously working on releasing new revenue streams, such as coaching, marketplace creation, service offerings, question directories, asset libraries, full e-commerce solutions, and more. This platform aims to replace multiple tools, saving businesses both time and money by offering seamless course creation, marketing, and delivery at an affordable price.

EzyCourse supports over 170 languages, provides various payment methods, and offers a smooth learning experience with native Android and iOS mobile apps. Businesses can also build a real-time community similar to Facebook, manage channels, monetize and upsell their community, and benefit from dedicated customer support services.

Overall, EzyCourse is a versatile tool that caters to various business needs, offering a wide range of features to create engaging and profitable online courses, communities, and coaching services. Businesses looking to expand their online presence and effectively monetize their content may find EzyCourse to be a valuable asset.

EzyCourse – Features

AI Subtitles Generator for accurate video subtitles
DRM solution to protect digital content
Monetization options including courses, bundles, and memberships
Multiple revenue streams available such as coaching, marketplace, and service offerings
Seamless course creation, marketing, and delivery
Multilingual support for website and apps
Real-time community engagement features
Dedicated customer support with multiple contact options

EzyCourse – Pricing

EzyCourse offers budget-friendly plans with options for monthly, yearly, 3-yearly, or lifetime subscriptions. Starting from $35/month for Basic plan, $115/month for Pro plan, and $199/month for Unlimited plan. Elite plan for businesses is priced at $299/month. Custom enterprise solutions are also available.

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