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Facet: Ai image generation tool professionals


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Facet is the ultimate image generation tool designed for creative professionals who are looking to unleash their artistic vision with the power of AI. Unlike other AI image generation tools, Facet strikes the perfect balance between offering creative assistance and preserving artistic control.

With Facet, you can generate images in real-time on an intuitive canvas, allowing you to control exactly where elements show up. This tool helps you overcome time and resource constraints by providing a platform where you can experiment with new ideas without limitations.

One of the key features of Facet is its ability to control the placement of image elements by adding region prompts, allowing you to spatially arrange objects or styles within an image. Additionally, Facet offers advanced prompting capabilities that make the process easier than ever before. You can add image references to any prompt and get images that align with your subject or style instantly.

Facet also allows you to train a custom model using your own set of images, enabling you to generate endless assets that match your exact aesthetic in just minutes. Moreover, Facet provides a collaborative canvas where you can collaborate with teammates, share prompts, and build off each other’s ideas.

In summary, Facet is a revolutionary tool that empowers creative professionals to explore their artistic vision, experiment with new ideas, and collaborate with teammates in a seamless and efficient manner. With its user-friendly interface, advanced AI capabilities, and customizable features, Facet is the go-to tool for anyone looking to take their creative projects to the next level.

Facet – Features

Real-time image generation on an intuitive canvas
Control placement of image elements
Advanced prompting made easier with auto-enhancement and Variance feature
Add image references to prompts
Train a custom AI model using your own images
Collaborative canvas for team collaboration
Overcome time and resource constraints to try out new ideas
AI assistance without trading off artistic control

Facet – Pricing

Facet offers a free Starter plan with features like private image generation, real-time multiplayer, and content-aware editing. The Professional plan costs $24/month and includes commercial licensing and advanced ideation features. The Organization plan is $50/month per seat, with unlimited high priority image generation. Contact sales for Commercial plan details.

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