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Firecrawl: Convert websites into clean data with ease


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Firecrawl is a business tool that specializes in crawling and converting websites into clean markdown or structured data, making it LLM-ready. This tool is designed to handle the difficult aspects of web crawling, such as proxies, caching, rate limits, js-blocked content, and more. Firecrawl crawls all accessible subpages of a website, even without a sitemap, and can gather data from websites that use javascript to render content.

One of the key features of Firecrawl is its ability to return clean and well-formatted markdown, making it ready for use in LLM applications. The tool also orchestrates the crawling process in parallel for faster results and caches content to eliminate the need for a full scrape unless new content exists. Firecrawl is specifically built for LLM engineers, ensuring that users receive clean data in the desired format.

This tool is best suited for business websites, blogs, documentation, and help centers, making it ideal for gathering business intelligence, connecting company data to AI, and collecting content from textual sources. Although Firecrawl currently works best with business websites, blogs, documentation, and help centers, there are plans to expand its capabilities to include social media websites in the future.

Overall, Firecrawl is a comprehensive tool that simplifies the process of crawling websites and converting data into usable formats. It offers a range of features designed to streamline the data gathering process, making it a valuable asset for business managers looking to extract valuable insights from online sources.

Firecrawl – Features

Turn websites into LLM-ready data
Crawl, capture, and clean websites without the need for a sitemap
Handle proxies, caching, rate limits, and javascript-blocked content
Crawling orchestration for parallel processing for faster results
Data conversion into clean, well-formatted markdown for LLM applications.

Firecrawl – Pricing

Firecrawl offers three pricing plans: Starter for $50/month with 50k credits, Standard for $375/month with 500k credits, and Scale for $1,250/month with 2.5M credits. Each plan includes different features and capabilities such as simultaneous crawl jobs and scraping speeds.

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