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Five Australian e-commerce trends to watch out for 


As the world continues to evolve digitally, e-commerce has become a cornerstone of modern business.

In the dynamic landscape of Australian e-commerce, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of significant innovation and adaptation. With 24 million smartphone users in 2024. Australia shows great access to online retail. According to Statista, the Australia e-commerce market is projected to grow even more, with the number of users expected to reach 24.2 million by 2029.

This forecast highlights the country’s increasing digital engagement and underscores the potential for continued expansion in the online retail sector. Retail businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers. Here are a few major trends set to keep an eye out for in the Australian e-commerce market in 2024. 

Price innovation 

Price remains pivotal in retail choices, particularly in a challenging economy where brand loyalty is under more pressure. Australian consumers are increasingly price-sensitive, driven by the desire for finding the best value and navigating the impact of global economic conditions. According to a recent IAB Australia e-commerce report, 70% of participants cited cost of living pressures as making them more cautious about spending3. This shift emphasizes the need for retailers to consider innovative ways to add value and enhance the affordability of their products. 

Online retailers should consider offering discounts linked to bulk purchases, early-bird promotions, or cross-selling with related products to attract price-conscious consumers and foster long-term loyalty by consistently delivering value. 

Updated payment approaches 

The payment landscape in Australia is undergoing an exciting transformation, with updated approaches aimed at enhancing convenience and security. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency payments are gaining traction among tech-savvy consumers. In 2023, the use of digital wallets in Australia had reached 35% of card payments, up from 10% in early 2020. Additionally, businesses are focusing on seamless checkout experiences, integrating one-click payments and biometric authentication to reduce cart abandonment rates and build trust with their customers.

‘Promo FOMO’ 

Many cost-conscious customers actively look for promotions and try to avoid missing out on special offers. That has been described as “promo FOMO”, the fear of missing out on promotions. 

Retailers can embrace this trend by using targeted notifications, social media post and stories, and personalised email marketing campaigns to alert customers about these promotions to help, increase conversion rates. 

Rapid, flexible shipping options 

The demand for rapid order fulfilment is increasingly becoming the norm in the e-commerce landscape. Providing flexible and customised shipping options is a crucial differentiator for Australian e-commerce businesses. Consumers expect rapid and flexible delivery services, including same-day or next-day shipping. 6 Working with a trusted logistics partner allows businesses to offer optimal responsiveness, ensuring quick, safe, and effective delivery at any time, and significantly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

To meet this demand, retailers are investing in local warehousing, optimising logistics networks, and partnering with courier services that offer real-time tracking. Click-and-collect services are also expanding, providing customers with convenient pick-up points, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. 

To provide optimal responsiveness, partnering with efficient transportation and logistics service providers ensures quick, safe, and successful delivery at any time. FedEx, for example, offers an extensive domestic and international network, including services such as 

● International Priority for express delivery 

● International Economy for affordable, customs-cleared delivery typically within 2-5 business days depending on destinations. 

● Picture Proof of Delivery (PPOD) provides customers with peace of mind when they receive a photo confirmation that their shipment has arrived; offered for selected international shipping services to residential addresses. 

The omnichannel approach

While e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, customers still feel the attraction 

to physical, brick-and-mortar stores. 7 The omnichannel approach is essential for success in the competitive e-commerce market. Some direct-to-consumer e-commerce stores are now expanding into the physical world, opening stores at malls and shopping centres. Another trend is showrooming, where customers get to experience products in a showroom before purchasing them online. Conversely, consumers often conduct initial product research online before making a purchase in-store. 8 This interplay between digital and physical retail highlights the evolving importance of omnichannel strategies. In Australia, physical and online stores are also forming partnerships that combine the best of real-world and virtual shopping. 

To take advantage of the omnichannel approach, retailers could look for ways to expand their online and physical presence. This could involve synchronising inventory, customer data, and marketing efforts across their platforms. By offering consistent experiences through websites, mobile apps, social media, and physical stores, businesses may engage customers more effectively and build stronger brand loyalty. 

E-commerce is here to stay. However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, innovation and exceptional customer service will likely be the key differentiators for small-business retailers. By embracing these strategies, businesses can stay ahead of competitiors and meet the evolving demands of Australian consumers 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is of general nature only. It is not intended to address circumstances of any specific entity or individual. 

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