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GalileoAI: Revolutionizing design ideation with AI


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Galileo AI is a groundbreaking UI generation platform that is revolutionizing the design process for designers and builders. The platform, which has recently launched its first public beta, combines the power of AI with design expertise to help users quickly generate interface designs. With a core belief in augmenting creativity and productivity rather than replacing them, Galileo AI aims to democratize design and make it more accessible to a wider range of individuals, from startup founders to software engineers.

Backed by a seed funding of $4.4 million led by Khosla Ventures, Galileo AI has attracted top industry leaders and experts to support its mission. The unique blend of AI and design disciplines, with co-founders Arnaud and Helen bringing their extensive experience from Google, Facebook, and other tech giants, has led to the development of a platform that understands the subtleties of interface design.

Using Galileo AI is as simple as providing a prompt, such as “a fun, friendly app design for dog walkers” or “a dashboard UI for an e-commerce site”, and receiving multiple design options in under a minute. Users can select their preferred version from multiple variants and make further iterations and changes to achieve their final design. The platform has also introduced features like Image-to-UI, which allows users to generate designs from wireframes or screenshots.

Galileo AI has received positive feedback from beta users, with one designer noting that they were able to produce multiple key screens for a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app in less than an hour, a task that would have taken days without the platform. With the official launch of Galileo 1.0, the platform is set to further revolutionize the design process and stay at the forefront of AI and design research.

To stay updated on the latest developments from Galileo AI, users can follow them on X(@Galileo_AI), join their Discord community, and start creating on their website at

Galileo AI – Features

UI generation platform for design ideation
Prompt-to-UI generative AI tool
Democratization of design
Unique blend of AI + Design
Multiple design options for a prompt
Image-to-UI feature for wireframes/screenshots
Ability to transform wireframes into high-fidelity designs
Collaboration with AI visionaries like Khosla Ventures

Galileo AI – Pricing

Galileo AI offers three pricing plans: Standard at $19/month for personal projects, Pro at $39/month for private designs, and Enterprise for organizations. Each plan includes different credit limits for design generations and edits, mobile and web UI generation, and unlimited Figma exports.

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