Getting your name out there… Face to Face Selling

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Why do people get nervous when selling for the first time? quite simply my experience, people are scared of rejection. The hardest thing to sell is yourself, essentially that is what you are doing, your selling your business your product or service that you provide. You’re putting yourself on the line.

Most people, the thought of promoting their business can be daunting, it literally can scare the pants off people and can be a major issue and a reason why businesses go bust. Even someone like me, I still get nervous when I go out there and prospect, but the bottom line, we have to. People need to know what we do and even today still the best form of marketing is word of mouth (W.O.M) and to do that you have to tell people who you are and what you do.

So how do we do it and what do we say?

Fair question but before we practice our dialog on what to say first of all lets set up a situation.

It’s our first day, we have our product and service that we offer, We have some brochures or flyers fresh off the press, they look amazing now we are off to market, Business to Business (B2B) cold calling, promoting aka selling.

We are dressed appropriately, we smell nice, our make-up and hair are done, our ties are straight (I never wear ties but that’s just me) we look 100% where at the front door of the shop or business we are marketing to.

So before we go in what do we say? Quite simply memorise these words and remember as much as we want to sell on the first time in my experience it’s unlikely you will sell the first time the goal of today is to promote you, your product and your service and what you do. You must always go into a place you know may benefit from your product and service.

So what do we say?

Before we do talk about what we say, something we must always do when we walk into a business is assume the receptionist is the manager, assume the cashier is the manager and treat them with all the respect because if they don’t like you and they are not the person you should be talking to, it will be near on impossible for you to get to the actual manager (decision maker) so always be respectful.

So what do we say?

Memorise these lines and remember the idea of this visit is not to sell but to promote you, your product or service and build your network. Usually a sale comes not the first visit, maybe not even the second it may come the 3rd, 4th or even the 5th visit but you have to start somewhere.

Here’s what we say? Remember first impressions count

Hi my name is (Your Name) I’m from (Your Business) extend your hand to shake I’m just introducing myself to see if you would be interested in what we do? Hand them a brochure and take a step back and don’t say anything. They will either say thanks I’ll read it later (most don’t but that’s why you continue to visit) or they will read a bit and continue the conversation and ask about your product and or service and this is where you talk to them. Try not to sell to them because in my experience pressure selling these days don’t work, you want this to be natural. You’re creating a network.

TIP say the above line to the receptionist or cashier if they are not the right people you should be talking with they will go and get the right person and then you say the line again.

These lines are so simple and literally is only a few words but practice the lines or line Hi my name is ….. I’m from …….. I just introducing myself and I was wondering if you would be interested in what we do?

Hi my name is ….. I’m from …….. I just introducing myself and I was wondering if you would be interested in what we do?

Hi my name is ….. I’m from …….. I just introducing myself and I was wondering if you would be interested in what we do?

Usually when selling statistically 2 out of every 10 people you talk to end up purchasing your product or service, you will get far more no’s than yes’s, only if everyone said yes right? How good what that be.

But the idea is not to sell it’s to get your brand out and find people who are interested. The saying that I use to hate when I was young is ‘Every No you get, is closer to a Yes’ now I’m older that saying is true but i still hate it.

Prospect everyday and remember first impressions count. Happy prospecting.

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