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Moonhub: AI-powered hiring made fast and effective


Moonhub is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to revolutionize the talent acquisition process for companies. With a team of AI-native recruiters utilizing proprietary technology and real-world expertise, Moonhub assists companies in finding and hiring the best talent quickly and efficiently.

The platform offers a comprehensive solution for companies seeking top talent, boasting access to over 1 billion candidates through its patented AI technology. Moonhub’s AI analyzes vast amounts of data to identify potential candidates that closely match the job criteria, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the search for talent.

Furthermore, Moonhub prides itself on providing vetted candidates to its clients. World-class talent partners carefully vet and screen each candidate, ensuring that only the best talent is presented for consideration. This meticulous screening process helps companies save time and streamline the hiring process, with clients hiring an average of four weeks sooner compared to other agencies.

Moonhub’s success is attributed to its unique combination of proprietary AI technology and expert talent partners. While the AI technology efficiently identifies potential candidates, the dedicated talent partners, who come from top talent-dense companies, specialize in hiring the best talent that aligns with a company’s culture, size, and sector.

The platform’s success-driven approach means that Moonhub does not stop until its clients make a great hire. The team supports clients throughout the entire hiring process, offering assistance with sourcing, evaluating candidates, conducting interviews, and negotiating offers.

Moonhub’s three-step approach to hiring simplifies the process for clients. By collaborating with a dedicated talent partner, companies can fine-tune the role and establish a clear profile for the ideal candidate. The AI technology then identifies potential candidates, who are meticulously screened before being presented for interviews. Finally, the talent partner assists in closing the hire, ensuring that the perfect candidate joins the team seamlessly.

Overall, Moonhub is a powerful tool that combines cutting-edge AI technology with expert talent partners to help companies find and hire top talent efficiently and effectively.

Moonhub – Features

AI technology to find and engage candidates
Fast hiring process, four weeks sooner on average
Expert talent partners vet and screen candidates
Comprehensive search from 1B+ candidates
Success-driven hiring process
Three-step approach to the hiring process
Collaboration with a dedicated talent partner
Support throughout the entire hiring process

Moonhub – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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