My pet hate relating to email addresses

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Have you ever seen an email address from a professional business which is a professional business which ends in,, If you have one of these first thing you need to do is get rid of it. UNLESS google or hotmail or optusnet are paying you to promote their business. Essentially that’s what you are doing.

If you own a website and you are using a etc email address why? When you purchase a website and hosting, you already have access to your web-address you can create your own emails for example our site we can use or most hosting packages allow you to create unlimited email addresses and the most important thing is you are promoting your brand, not promoting another brand.

How can you fix this? Simply call your provider and ask them how to do it it will take 5 Mins and they can assist you or if you are involved in our business group we can assist you too. It’s an easy fix that will make your brand look professional and you are not promoting another brand without getting paid.

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