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n8n: Automate workflows faster and smarter


n8n is a powerful business tool that offers workflow automation for technical professionals. With n8n, users can build complex automations without the need to struggle with APIs and scripts. The tool allows for the use of JavaScript for flexibility and provides a user-friendly interface for other tasks.

One of the key features of n8n is its flexibility in building workflows focused on deep data integration. It enables collaboration among team members, including those who are less technically inclined, through its easily sharable templates and user-friendly UI. Unlike other tools, n8n does not limit complexity, allowing users to build whatever they need without worrying about budget constraints.

The tool offers the option to code or use a no-code approach, depending on individual requirements. It supports custom scenario building, integration with any application, and independent instances for each environment. Other features include bulk operations, painless debugging, and the ability to host the tool on one’s own infrastructure.

n8n provides over 350 native integrations, allowing users to pump data throughout their entire tech stack. Additionally, users can also create their own custom integrations using custom code. The tool helps optimize engineering resources, enabling users to save time while building customer integrations and faster proofs of concept.

n8n simplifies lead management by connecting all marketing tools to run on autopilot. It also allows for CRM customization, as users can build custom integrations to move any data between their apps and systems.

The tool offers scalable performance and customizable error handling. Workflows can be easily shared with a single click, and users can take advantage of over 600 templates to build quickly. With n8n, there are over 350 native integrations and automated API authentication.

n8n offers full source code availability, allowing users to audit, tweak, and fork the codebase to suit their needs. It is self-hostable, making it easy to keep data secure and ensure compliance with data privacy laws. The tool is also embeddable, offering a white-label UI for customers to access over 220 native integrations.

n8n – Features

Workflow automation for technical people
Build complex automations 10x faster
Use JavaScript for flexibility and UI for simplicity
Build flexible workflows focused on deep data integration
Collaborate with less technical team members through user-friendly UI
Integrate with any app and create custom scenarios
Host on your own infrastructure for independence and security
Pump data around your entire tech stack with 350+ native integrations

n8n – Pricing

Starter plan: $20/month, 2.5k workflow executions, 5 active workflows, unlimited steps, hosted by n8n, includes forum support.
Pro plan: $50/month, 10k workflow executions, 15 active workflows, unlimited steps, hosted by n8n, includes additional features like execution search, workflow history.
Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing, unlimited workflow executions, unlimited active workflows, additional security features, dedicated support, invoice billing.

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