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You never know where your next sale will come from and our opinion is the more places you have your business the more that people will see it. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages being the only directory to advertise your business in. Gone are the days that you have to pay thousands to have your business listed. Now there are hundreds of business directories so do they work?

It all depends! You should see directories not as a way to make money but as a way to gain awareness of your business give people the opportunity to choose you than not. There are many different types of online business directories and can range in price from free to $1000.00 + per year. We built our own because we thought there were so many expensive directories out there and if you wanted people to choose your business via a featured listing you would have to pay over $1000.00 per year. So obviously those with deeper pockets would be better off than a start up business or someone whose pockets aren’t that deep. We created ours and made it affordable so every business would have the opportunity to promote themselves equally.

Most business directories do have a free listing option where you can advertise your business for free, sure its only a basic listing but generally you get your business name listed and it’s something. If there is an option then it might be worth considering.

When we were doing our research for Small Biz Finder some of the directories were guaranteeing that you would get xx amount of phone calls per year if you choose one of their higher paid options. Personally I don’t know how they could guarantee that or how they could qualify the person being a legit person. So do your research.

To answer the question yes you should be in as many online business directories as possible even if its just a free listing, you will find that your business will have more views, may not equate to business but at least you are in there.

Also make sure your business is with google, they obviously have the monopoly on the internet space but you also compete with many many others as well.

I do want to say that many business directories don’t always advertise their listing option prices which really frustrates me. I generally tend to not complete if I don’t have all the information in front. Some will send a sales person to contact you and personally I don’t like being harassed into purchasing an upgraded listing or anything really if I have the information in front of me then I can make my own decision, but that’s just me.

I have compiled a list on business directories you can consider. Please note that these businesses are not recommended nor do we make any commission apart from ours Small Business Finder we obviously recommend that and think you should list your business on that but this is a compiled list on some popular online business directories.

  1. Small Business Finder – Free Listing Option – Paid Option $10.00 P/M – First Month Free Trial $99.00 p/y
  2. Party Barn – $14.99 p/m First Month Free Trial
  3. Flying Solo – Free Listing – $149.95 First Year – $299.95 Each Year After
  4. Yelp Australia – Free Listing Paid Listings Available
  5. True Local – Free Listing – Paid Listing $33.00 P/M & $99.00 P/M
  6. Local Search – Free Listing – Paid Listings Available
  7. Yellow Pages – Free Listing – Paid Options – $30 p/m, $59 p/m $144 p/m $217.00 p/m
  8. Aussie Web – Free Listing – Paid Listing Option $9.95 p/m, $95.00 p/y
  9. PureLocal – $49.00 one time payment
  10. Search Frog – Paid Listing Options – $8.95 One Time, $39.95 On Time & $49.95 p/m

NB all prices correct at time of posting

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