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Prosperse: Automated AI stock market analysis


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Prosperse is a comprehensive business tool that offers a suite of powerful stock market analysis tools to help automate investment strategies for business managers. One of the key features of Prosperse is its no-code strategy builder, which allows users to scan for any condition across the entire stock market simultaneously. The custom scanner feature enables users to filter, chart, backtest, and ultimately profit from their investment decisions.

With Prosperse, business managers can access instant screening results in real-time, helping them to find stocks that match their specified criteria. The tool also seamlessly integrates back-testing and charting capabilities, allowing users to perfect their screens and strategies. Additionally, the investment returns calculator tool enables users to simulate their potential returns before making any investment decisions.

Another useful feature of Prosperse is the ability to monitor multiple stocks simultaneously by building watchlists and staying informed about favorite stocks. The all-in-one dashboard offers a centralized location to manage charting, scan results, watchlists, and live positions in real-time. The custom charting experience, designed to provide an all-in-one experience, allows for easy visualization of data and trends.

Furthermore, Prosperse provides advanced market data and news for any stock, giving business managers access to the latest information to inform their investment decisions. Overall, Prosperse is a comprehensive tool that offers a range of features to automate investment strategies, streamline stock screening processes, and ultimately help business managers make informed investment decisions for their businesses.

Prosperse – Features

Powerful stock screening with a no-code strategy builder
Instant screening results in real-time
Investment returns calculator tool
Seamless backtesting of scanners
Ability to monitor multiple stocks simultaneously with watchlists
All-in-one dashboard for managing charting, scan results, watchlists and live positions
Custom charting experience for in-depth analysis
Access to advanced market data and news for any stock

Prosperse – Pricing

Prosperse offers a Professional plan for elite investors at $15 per month (billed annually) with features like stock scanning, backtesting, charting, real-time data, position tracking, notifications, and support, with more features like paper trading and detailed analytics coming soon. 20% discount and instant access with the option to cancel anytime.

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