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Quest: Build React apps with ease and efficiency


Quest is an innovative business tool designed to streamline the process of building React Apps. This tool allows users to generate ReactJS code directly from their designs, creating clean and extendable code that closely resembles handcrafted coding. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Quest automates the coding process, making it easier for developers to focus on customizing styles, writing business logic, and connecting to back-end systems.

One of the standout features of Quest is its seamless integration with Figma, allowing users to bring in custom designs and automatically generate code components that incorporate design systems and component libraries. Users can preview their app and easily push their code to GitHub for deployment.

Developed with developers in mind, Quest aims to automate the more tedious aspects of app development while still providing users with full control over the final product. The tool generates clean and industry-standard code, which can be easily extended to add custom use cases or business logic. With support for popular design systems like MUI, Chakra, and Ant, Quest offers flexibility in incorporating existing design elements or creating entirely new apps.

Quest also prides itself on offering full control and no vendor lock-in, allowing users to download their code or push it to GitHub without any limitations. With over 1000 templates and components, Quest provides a vast selection of design options to kickstart app development. Additionally, the tool is designed for team collaboration, allowing development teams to organize their work by Apps and Workspaces for faster iteration and development.

Overall, Quest is a powerful tool that combines the benefits of automation with the flexibility and control that developers crave. By simplifying the coding process and offering a wide range of design options, Quest empowers developers to build high-quality React Apps efficiently and effectively.

Quest – Features

Sync Figma designs
GitHub Sync
Instant preview of coded components
Responsiveness built in
Animation capabilities
Separation of concerns
Export app structure
NextJS support

Quest – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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