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Quinyx: Revolutionizing workforce management and productivity


Quinyx is a revolutionary modular workforce management software that aims to streamline operational work, giving managers and employees the time to focus on what truly matters. The core feature of Quinyx is intuitive rostering, which is enhanced by a range of flexible extra modules such as AI-supported forecasting, automatic roster creation, desired rostering, employee self-services, communication, and task management. This all-in-one solution allows users to combine the necessary features needed for effective workforce management.

Quinyx has been tested and recognized by renowned institutes, earning praise from WFM experts and listings by the Gartner® Institute as well as having its economic value assessed by Forrester® Consulting. The software is listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications and a study by Forrester® Consulting shows a potential ROI of 376%.

With over 1,000 customers and 800,000 users worldwide, Quinyx is a popular choice among businesses. The software is GDPR compliant and hosted on European servers, ensuring the privacy and security of user data. Users have also rated Quinyx’s app positively on common platforms and app stores.

Overall, Quinyx is a cutting-edge workforce management tool that offers a wide range of features to optimize operations and increase efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and impressive track record make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to take their company to the next level in workforce management.

Quinyx – Features

Workforce management
Duty scheduling
Working time measurement
Personnel requirements planning
Roster optimization
Employee Self Services
Frontline portal
HCM integration

Quinyx – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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