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RAD AI: Revolutionize influencer marketing with creative intelligence

RAD AI is a business tool that aims to revolutionize influencer marketing by using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver data-driven creative decisions, content strategy, and high-performing influencer campaigns. With over 600+ API-based data connections available, RAD AI offers a comprehensive solution to help brands identify their ideal persona, activate influencer marketing campaigns, and track campaign ROI and performance.

Traditional influencer marketing often involves guesswork when it comes to selecting the right influencer for a campaign. RAD AI eliminates this uncertainty by harnessing the power of AI, allowing brands to make data-driven decisions about who to work with and how to best leverage the content created by influencers. By using dynamic audience insights from sources like Reddit and a wide range of API-based data connections, RAD AI can identify the optimal influencer, persona, and creative strategy for a brand’s campaign.

One of the key features of RAD AI is its ability to sustain scale and performance. The AI is trained to deliver transparent influencer marketing programs, taking into account the historical social engagements of influencers to inform strategy before, during, and after a campaign. This comprehensive approach allows brands to have a clearer understanding of the ROI and performance of their influencer marketing efforts.

The tool also offers white glove influencer marketing activation, providing brands with a seamless and personalized experience. RAD AI boasts over 600+ API-based data connections, giving brands access to a wide range of data sources to gather insights and make informed decisions.

RAD AI – Features

Data-driven decision making for influencer marketing
Dynamic audience insights and personas
Utilizes Reddit and over 600 other data sources for optimal strategies
Transparent influencer marketing programs using AI
Comprehensive management of creative, influencers, and campaigns
Historical social engagement used to inform strategy
Enables sustainable scaling and performance
Access to comprehensive influencer, persona, and campaign data

RAD AI – Pricing

Available upon request. A free demo is available for users to try out the tool before making a purchasing decision.

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