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ReplyAIBot: Gain customers with real-time social media monitoring


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ReplyAIBot is a Discord bot designed to assist with comment marketing on social media platforms. This tool offers real-time monitoring of social media to identify target customers and provide notifications directly through Discord. By using ReplyAIBot, businesses can streamline their customer acquisition process and engage with potential leads more effectively.

One key feature of ReplyAIBot is its ability to generate AI replies based on the content it monitors on social media. This can save businesses time and effort in crafting individual responses by automatically providing relevant replies to potential customers. Additionally, the bot allows users to manage keywords and view hit records from the past 30 days, giving businesses insight into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

To get started with ReplyAIBot, businesses simply need to add the bot to their Discord server, create a server if they do not already have one, and set up their product or service description using Discord slash commands. Once set up, businesses will receive real-time notifications through Discord and can request AI-generated replies from the bot as needed.

Overall, ReplyAIBot offers a convenient solution for businesses looking to improve their comment marketing efforts on social media. With its real-time monitoring capabilities, keyword management features, and AI reply generation functionality, this tool can help businesses identify and engage with potential customers more efficiently. Business managers seeking to enhance their social media marketing strategies may find ReplyAIBot to be a valuable tool for driving customer engagement and generating leads.

ReplyAIBot – Features

Real-time monitoring of social media for target customers
AI-generated replies for customer engagement
Integration with Discord for real-time notifications
Keywords management and tracking
AI filtering for invalid keyword hits
Easy setup with 3 simple steps
Utilization of Discord slash commands for product/service description
Ability to generate AI replies through Discord bot

ReplyAIBot – Pricing

ReplyAIBot offers pricing plans on a quarterly basis, with discounts available for paying quarterly. Plans include Basic ($45/quarter), Pro ($110/quarter), and Max ($270/quarter), with different limits and features included in each plan. Email support is included in all plans.

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