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RewindAI: Personalized AI assistant for work productivity


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RewindAI is a personalized AI tool designed to help professionals get more done, faster. It captures everything you see, say, and hear, allowing you to browse, search, and ask your AI assistant for help. Rewind offers features such as automated note-taking for meetings, backup to avoid repeating lost work, and an AI assistant to find details, draft emails, and summarize information. The tool runs imperceptibly in the background, compresses, transcribes, encrypts, and stores data locally for privacy. Rewind is designed for Apple Silicon chips and is also available on Intel-based Macs, with plans to expand to Windows soon. Your data is stored locally on your Mac and never leaves the device for maximum privacy. With a 3,750x compression rate, years of recordings can be stored on even Apple’s smallest hard drive. Rewind minimally consumes CPU capacity while recording, allowing you to work without interruptions. Whether you want to automate tasks, remember important details, or feel more organized, RewindAI offers a range of features to make work and life more enjoyable. Download RewindAI today to enhance productivity and peace of mind in your professional life.

RewindAI – Features

AI assistant that captures everything you’ve seen, heard, or said
Meetings: Automate note-taking and get human-level meeting summaries
Backup: Avoid repeating lost work with automatic backup and retrieval
AI Assistant: Leverage AI to find details, draft emails, and summarize information
Private by design: Stored locally, no cloud integration required, private browsing not captured

RewindAI – Pricing

Pricing for RewindAI includes a free plan with access to data forever, and a Pro plan priced at $19 per user per month billed yearly. The Pro plan includes features like personalized AI, transcription, and human support.

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