Whats in Store for 2020-21

New Features Coming Soon!

Stay up to date with new features coming soon. We reserve the right to make changes to the timeline at anytime.

2020 – Affiliate Program

We know the best way to grow is via word of mouth and we want our members to see our networks as yours. We will be adding an affiliate program and pay you an ongoing referral fee. If you recommend a person to our group we want to thank you and this will save us money on advertising. This could also be part of you daily business offerings. (We will be reviewing membership price for new members which includes your referral fee.) The review will not affect your life-time lock in price.

2020 – Online Courses

We are adding into our training room a series of online course for people to take. We will be adding to this and users will be able to create their own courses that you feel will value add to other people. Planned

2020 Activity – Scheduled Posts

We will allow users to create activity posts, which are set to be published at a specific date in the future instead of immediately. Planned

2020 Activity – Hashtags

We are adding support for #hashtags in the activity feed, allowing people to create their own hashtags and use them in posts to create trending activity. Planned

2020 Activity – Polls

We are adding the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other members to vote on and then view the results. Planned

2020 Activity – Reactions

We are extending the “Likes” functionality in the activity feed to include reactions, allowing users to select emojis such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, etc. Planned

2020 Activity – Edit Activity

We are adding the ability to edit your activity posts after publishing them. Planned

2020 Media – Video Uploading

We are building our own Videos system in the Media component, which will support uploading of raw video files into activity, groups, messages and forum replies. The uploaded video files will be compressed and then viewable as playable videos. Planned

2020 Messages – Live Loading

We want our Messenger to update in real time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. This will make our messenger much more responsive, and will allow us to extend it later on with a live chat box on the site that is in sync with the messenger. Planned

2020 Desktop Notifications

We are adding support for desktop push notifications, allowing notifications from our Platform to be displayed in the browser even when the website is not loaded on screen. Planned

2020 Web Push Notifications

We are adding support for on screen notifications, allowing notifications from SBC to be overlaid within the website as slide in “glimpse” notifications that appear on screen and can be dismissed. Planned

2020 Registration – Email Domain Restrictions

We are adding registration options for whitelisting specific emails domains, and for automatically rejecting other email domains from signing up. This is useful for requiring business emails in a company intranet, or education emails in a university network, and for battling spam signups from certain email domains. In Progress

2020 Privacy Options

We are adding the ability to select the privacy of your activity posts from a drop-down, so you can choose who is able to view them. We are extending these privacy options into media, albums and documents. Completed

2020 Media – Documents

We are building a Documents system in the Media component, which will support uploading of documents into activity, profiles, groups, messages and forum replies. The documents area will behave similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, with files that can easily be organized into folders. In the activity feed, uploaded documents will have live previews similar to Slack. Completed

2020 Cover Photos – Cropping

We will allow for cropping of Profile and Group cover photos after uploading, so members can reposition their cover photos at any time. In Progress

Q2 2020 Groups – Messages

We are adding a feature to allow group organizers and moderators to quickly send messages to all of their group’s members. They can choose to message all group Completed