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RocketStatements: Convert bank statements to Excel & CSV easily


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RocketStatements is a leading bank statement conversion tool that offers a fast, secure, and simple solution for converting bank statements from PDF to Excel and CSV formats. Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, RocketStatements eliminates the need for manual data entry and streamlines the process of converting bank statements.

The tool works by allowing users to easily upload PDF bank statements from their computer or by drag and drop, and then with just one click, the tool converts the statement’s tables and data into an Excel file, regardless of the format. Users can then download the converted statement in their choice of Excel, comma-separated, or JSON formats.

With extensive banking experience, RocketStatements ensures data security by implementing robust security protocols that meet HIPAA requirements. The tool is compatible with hundreds of banks worldwide, allowing users to effortlessly convert PDF statements into neat and tidy Excel spreadsheets.

RocketStatements utilizes machine learning and AI technology to recognize and extract data from bank statements in any format. Users can simply upload their PDF file and let the software work its magic. The tool is not restricted to specific templates and can handle all file formats, including PDFs, images, and more.

In addition to secure encryption and bulk processing capabilities, RocketStatements also offers clean data formatting, an AI copilot for smooth conversions, and flexible export options. Users can easily export converted statements into Excel, CSV, or JSON formats, and toggle between customized outputs with one click. The tool supports compatibility with over 100 major banks worldwide and even multilingual statements.

Overall, RocketStatements is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses looking to streamline their bank statement conversion process. With its ease of use, secure encryption, and support for a wide range of banks, RocketStatements is a valuable tool for business managers seeking a convenient and trustworthy solution for converting bank statements.

RocketStatements – Features

Instantly convert bank statements from PDF to Excel & CSV
Trusted by thousands of worldwide companies
Works with hundreds of banks worldwide
Secure encryption to protect data
Bulk processing for time savings
Clean data formatting for easy readability
AI copilot for smooth and flawless conversions
Flexible export options to choose from Excel, CSV, or JSON formats

RocketStatements – Pricing

RocketStatements offers four pricing plans for individuals and businesses. The Essentials plan is $25 per month, Business plan is $60, Advanced plan is $90, and Basic plan is $15. Each plan includes features like clean data formatting, bulk processing, multiple export options, and secure encryption.

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