Rules Of Using The Site

Small Business Connect is a safe friendly platform small business owners can use to assist in the development and growth of their business.

By using the site we have implemented the following rules to ensure the safety of the group.

– Please refrain from pushing your product and services on those you do not know. We have a business directory you can use to promote your products and services as well as a marketplace where you can actively sell your products and services. If you want to promote your product and service use your live feed to do this and this will allow other members to view your post.

– Please refrain from personal attacks on others directly. This includes beliefs, gender, culture and/or race. This is a safe place for business owners and they/you should feel safe to be part of our community.

– We ask that you consider others in your language when posting to a group discussion, your activity feed or anything public. We understand day to day language we just ask you to consider others.

– We reserve the right to block accounts, delete users and do what we feel is appropriate to those we feel who goes against the ethics of our group.

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