Sad Reality Of The Virus

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6 months ago we all were living life, going about the our normal day to day’s then suddenly, the world was introduced to Covid-19 our normal day to day was changed more likely forever. Some businesses grew, others went backwards and others closed and with little to no warning.

As hard as it has been our livelihood has been off the back of an unseen, unknown virus and even our governments across the world had no real idea but they reacted which affected everyone.

It seemed at the start the government were wishy washy in their approach closing down different things almost hourly and then all of a sudden people weren’t allowed out of their houses and a lot of small business’s simply we’re closing and all it took was 6 weeks.

I don’t get involved much with politics theses days but as hard as it has been I think they did a fairly good job. They created a number of initiatives The Job seeker and Job keeper to try to do their best but reality is people lost their jobs and businesses.

Now almost 6 months down the track the virus still is no where near contained but we know the life ahead will be difficult. People now find themselves jobless without an income maybe they have had to use the Job keeper or job seeker assistance. If you are one of those people I want to express that this does not mean that you have failed or that you are a failure, you are merely like a lot of people a casualty of the Covid.

I have read on a major social media platform from people expressing their thoughts which has left me bewildered. They say that what do essential workers get for working during the Covid? The dole bludger’s get free money for doing nothing. Well here’s a message to those people ‘You got to keep your Jobs, that’s what you get.’

I’ve worked in the the unemployment sector and yes many people don’t want to work but there are many that do and due to one reason or other they simply can’t find work and especially in today’s world moving forward it’s going to be harder.

If you do happen to find yourself in a situation that you have no choice but to continue being on supported programs from the government than use this time to think about what you want to do into the future. Do you want to restart your business? Would it be easier to find a new job and work for someone else? Use this time to think and if you are on social benefits you are most certainly not a dole bludger you are simply there because you have no choice the government essentially put you there and essentially the government are responsible. But they really had no choice and I think they are doing everything they can.

If you need help to decide what to do please contact us and we will help listen and try to get you on the right track. You are not alone but you may feel like you are.

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