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SanaLabs: Revolutionize learning with cutting-edge AI technology


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SanaLabs is an AI-first learning platform designed for people teams looking to revolutionize their approach to learning. Trusted by leading companies globally, Sana’s products aim to transform how organizations access knowledge. The platform offers features such as automated workflows for user enrollment, interactive content creation, personalized learning experiences, and instant insights through AI-generated dashboards. Sana’s AI assistant serves as a valuable tool, automating repetitive tasks, providing accurate responses based on curated collections of knowledge, and integrating seamlessly with existing tech stacks to enhance efficiency and security. The platform is enterprise-ready, with ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance, ensuring data encryption and privacy protection. With a customizable AI assistant tailored to specific business needs and objectives, Sana empowers teams across various functions, from sales and customer support to operations and engineering. The tool is designed to increase team productivity by leveraging generative AI to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and foster a more fulfilling work environment. Ultimately, SanaLabs offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their learning and knowledge-sharing capabilities through the power of artificial intelligence.

SanaLabs – Features

AI-first learning platform
Knowledge assistant for faster work and bigger thinking
Automated workflows for more time on important tasks
Unbelievably easy content creation with AI-powered editor
Personalized learning experiences for increased engagement
Instant insights through AI learning analyst dashboards
Secure integration with tech stack for automating tasks
Customized AI assistants for different areas of expertise without coding

SanaLabs – Pricing

SanaLabs offers two main pricing plans: Core starting at $7,200 annually with AI-powered content creation and more, and Enterprise with custom pricing including SAML-based SSO and API access. The Assistant plan includes a free option with up to 33 questions per day and an Enterprise option with custom features.

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