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Have you or anyone you know been scammed? It’s quite easy to do and quite easily to be fooled. There are many different scams out there today and unless you know about it you could be the next victim.

We here at SBC are doing our best to keep scammers away and one of the ways we do is by charging a small monthly fee, scammers are into making money not spending it.

So how can you tell if you are being scammed?

It’s easy if you know what you’re looking for. If you are on FB people will usually friend you by having a fake FB Account. They genuinely steal the profile pictures of a friend and they tend to manipulate the profile. I’ve seen lottery scams, they may say they are from Google, Samsung and others and what they will do is tell you that your name was on the delivery list to receive millions of dollars then they will try to get you to click on a fake link and you maybe asked to add your details IF so NEVER do it. If you do they will genuinely put a fake virus on your computer or they will get your account in a variety of ways.

We’ve had people who get into fake online relationships where people on the other end will profess their dying love for the person getting scammed. What they do is build a relationship with the person and ask for them to send them money in a variety of ways, usually they prey on the elderly or the lonely. The want so much for this relationship to be true and real and they can even have telephone conversations and skype conversations. In many cases though a lot won’t use skype and they just have their voice used.

These people have absolutely no remorse or care for the person they are trying to defraud or a lot of the time are succeeding. When you do kind of figure out that you have been scammed and you’ve sent money to these people it’s near impossible for the person to get their money back and usually this is done in a 3rd world country that it’s hard to have a conviction.

Watch how scamming works and how you can become more aware.

We’ve all been exposed to some type of scam or other. It hurts when it happens to us and other people.

Types of scams

Computer Virus Scams

Relationship Scams

Refund Scams

Lottery Scams

Inheritance scams

Credit Scams

many many many more please be careful

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