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Shopify unveils AI-powered content creation and customer tools


Shopify, the global commerce giant powering over 25% of online retail in Australia, has announced more than 150 new products and enhancements to create a faster, more resilient, and unified experience for merchants.

The Summer Edition features upgrades across Point of Sale (POS), AI, analytics, and merchandising, reimagining a streamlined and unified commerce experience. Key updates include AI-powered tools for content generation and customer interactions, enhanced in-person transaction features, and an evolved Markets platform to facilitate seamless business expansion.

“The Summer ’24 Edition reflects our mission to create a unified commerce experience for our merchants,” said Shaun Broughton, Managing Director, APAC at Shopify. “This unwavering belief in simplicity allows entrepreneurs and teams to expand into new markets, quickly pivot on up-to-the-minute data, and share new products without the costs and complexity that often hinder business growth.”

Simplified Expansion with Reimagined Markets

Millions of merchants rely on Shopify for business scaling—whether entering new regions, expanding to wholesale, or opening brick-and-mortar stores. The reimagined Markets platform, previously a cross-border selling solution, now serves as the central command center for growth and expansion.

Key Features of the Summer ’24 Edition for Australian Merchants:

Markets: The revamped Markets platform enables merchants to sell internationally, expand into B2B, and manage in-person sales with Shopify POS—all from one location in their admin. This streamlines workflows and simplifies the process of creating new markets.

AI Enhancements Built for Commerce

Recognizing the value of time for entrepreneurs, Shopify’s Summer ’24 Edition introduces advanced AI-powered features embedded throughout the platform to save merchants time and money.

Media Editor: Building on the AI image generation feature introduced in January, which saved over one million AI-generated images, Shopify now offers AI image editing across the entire admin, including the Online Store Editor and Email Editor, with mobile app accessibility for on-the-go edits.

AI-powered Product Creation: With just a few keywords and a product image, Shopify Magic suggests personalized recommendations for product categories, minimizing listing errors and enhancing product visibility across online stores, social media, and marketplaces.

Suggested Replies: Shopify Magic can now quickly generate AI-based responses to customer inquiries, allowing merchants to approve or edit the response and maintain customer engagement seamlessly.

Streamlined In-store Selling

With Australians showing continued interest in brick-and-mortar shopping, Shopify has made significant updates to enhance in-person sales.

Automations: Retailers can now offer one-tap digital receipts for Shop Pay users and benefit from automatic return eligibility detection, providing staff with context for a consistent return experience.

Discounts: POS updates now allow multiple discounts to be applied simultaneously and support “Buy X Get Y” discount codes, offering merchants more promotional flexibility.

Enhanced Decision-making with Up-to-the-minute Data

In a competitive retail environment, timely data is crucial. Shopify has revamped its analytics to provide merchants with smarter, faster, and more intuitive insights.

Unified Analytics: The updated dashboard features a pre-built report designed to answer common commerce questions, enabling merchants to act on data-driven insights efficiently.

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