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SidekickAi: The ultimate scheduling solution


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Sidekick Ai is a powerful scheduling tool designed to make the process of setting up meetings easier and more efficient for business managers. This software utilizes AI and language processing technology to offer three main ways to schedule meetings: Scheduling Pages, Forward to Schedule, and Sidekick Scheduling.

With Forward to Schedule, users can simply forward an email to Sidekick to have the software handle the rest of the scheduling process. Additionally, Sidekick seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar to help users find the best times for meetings.

Team scheduling is made simple with Team Pages, allowing multiple team members to easily schedule meetings with clients or partners. Users have the option to remove Sidekick Ai branding from their meetings, although this feature is paid. Sidekick also provides reminders, creates calendar events, and sends out meeting invites to ensure that meetings run smoothly.

Overall, Sidekick Ai streamlines the meeting scheduling process, saving businesses time and reducing the heavy lifting typically associated with setting up meetings. Business managers can trust Sidekick to handle the logistics, allowing them to stay productive and focus on other important tasks. Try Sidekick for free and experience the convenience of this intelligent scheduling tool.

Sidekick – Features

Schedule meetings easily with AI and language processing
Choose from three main scheduling options: Scheduling Pages, Forward to Schedule, Sidekick Scheduling
Integrate with popular tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars
Team scheduling made simple with Team Pages feature
Remove Sidekick Ai branding for a more customized experience
Stay productive with Sidekick handling most of the meeting booking process
Reminders sent prior to meetings
Automatic creation and sending of calendar events and meeting invites

Sidekick – Pricing

Sidekick offers a Hero Plan for free, perfect for limited scheduling help, and a Superhero Plan for $5/month with full-time scheduling support, additional features such as unlimited sources, and removal of Sidekick branding.

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