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Skiff: Collaborate and communicate with confidence and privacy


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Skiff is a business tool that aims to bring freedom to the internet by enabling secure collaboration and communication. Recently acquired by Notion, Skiff focuses on providing end-to-end encrypted email services through Skiff Mail. This means that only the user has access to their data, ensuring maximum privacy and security. Additionally, Skiff offers the option to customize email addresses using a privacy-first Skiff Domain or by connecting any owned domain.

In addition to email services, Skiff also offers Skiff Pages for protecting notes, documents, and wikis with end-to-end encryption, allowing for collaborative workspace with decentralized storage. Skiff Calendar further enhances privacy by securing personal and professional schedules with end-to-end encryption, including integrated video conferencing features.

Other features of Skiff include Skiff Drive for protecting files, documents, and photos with end-to-end encryption, 10GB free storage, and decentralized IPFS storage options. Users can easily migrate files from services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box with a one-click migration tool. Furthermore, Skiff allows for wallet-based authentication, enabling users to pay for paid plans using cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, DAI, or USDC.

Overall, Skiff prioritizes privacy and security, offering transparent and open-source encryption protocols for verification. With features like unlimited aliases for privacy protection, real-time collaboration, and mobile app integration, Skiff provides a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses looking to enhance their online privacy and security in communication, collaboration, and file management.

Skiff – Features

Private, End-to-End Encrypted for secure communication
Custom domain and aliases for identity control
Email tracking protection for privacy
10 GB free storage for files and documents
Effortless real-time collaboration for teams
Schedule and undo send emails for effective communication
Integrated video conferencing for seamless meetings
Wallet-based authentication for secure collaboration

Skiff – Pricing

Free application.

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