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StenoAI: Transform your content, engage & monetize


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Steno is a business tool that utilizes AI to transform your content into a visually appealing experience for your audience. By training with your website, social accounts, blog posts, and more, Steno creates an AI that understands your content just as well as you do.

Setting up Steno is a quick and simple process, requiring only one code snippet to integrate a themed AI experience directly into your platforms. This tool allows for full customization, including the ability to change the color theme to match your brand. Steno can be embedded anywhere, making it easy to set up on various platforms such as YouTube, podcasts, and websites.

One of the key features of Steno is its automatic updates, ensuring that your AI remains up to date as you upload new content. By learning from your audience, Steno provides valuable insights into user behavior through rich analytics. This includes data on total questions, user frequency, trending topics, user journeys, popular responses, file views, top events, and leads generated.

Steno not only enhances user engagement but also opens up new monetization opportunities for your platform. Through lead generation, Steno captures user interest by encouraging them to share their information for deeper engagement. Additionally, Steno allows you to unlock new revenue streams by offering users exclusive access to premium content and features through an integrated paywall. You can also drive conversions by delivering special offers and promotions directly through personalized conversations.

Overall, Steno is a powerful AI tool that can help businesses improve user engagement, gain valuable insights into audience behavior, and ultimately grow their brand through enhanced monetization strategies.

Steno – Features

Transform content into an AI experience for the audience
Easy setup with one code snippet
Embed AI everywhere: websites, social accounts, blog posts
Customize AI theme to match brand
Automatic updates for always up-to-date AI
Gain insights into audience with rich analytics
Capture user interest and generate leads through tailored interactions
Unlock new revenue streams with premium content and features through integrated paywall.

Steno – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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