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Survey shows budget-friendly mother’s day trends


This year, there’s been a significant change in how people plan to shop for Mother’s Day gifts, with a notable decrease in the number of shoppers intending to visit physical stores.

According to a recent survey, 68.1% of respondents are opting for in-store purchases, a substantial drop from 93.8% in the previous year.

When asked why they preferred shopping in-store, respondents cited various reasons. The top motivations included enjoying the experience of browsing in a store (35.09%), the desire to physically interact with products before buying (21.5%), and the convenience of making instant purchases (13.2%). Additionally, some shoppers mentioned that certain items, particularly those desired by their mothers, were more readily available in stores (4.5%), while others found it easier to get inspired by the displays and offerings in physical stores (25.6%).

In terms of gift categories, fashion, beauty, and D.I.Y/homeware items remain the most popular choices among shoppers this Mother’s Day, mirroring trends observed in 2023. Notably, 46% of respondents plan to purchase fashion gifts, followed by 34.4% opting for beauty products, and 27.1% selecting D.I.Y/homeware items. Kitchenware/home appliances, personal care appliances, and personalized gifts also rank high on shoppers’ lists.

When it comes to budgeting and planning, the majority of consumers are aiming to spend moderately on Mother’s Day gifts. Only 17.2% of respondents plan to spend over $150, a notable decline from previous years. Most shoppers intend to spend between $51 and $100, or up to $50, reflecting a more budget-conscious approach.

In terms of preparation, many consumers are turning to online research to find the best prices for their desired items (27.1%), while others plan to browse in-store (28.1%) or consult catalogs (36.7%). Interestingly, a small percentage of respondents (14.3%) are considering using AI tools such as smart speakers or virtual assistants to assist with their Mother’s Day shopping, highlighting the growing influence of technology in retail experiences.

Brendan Straw, Country Manager for ShopFully Australia, said: “There are some interesting comparisons to be made with how consumers are shopping from this year to last. The cost of living crisis has seen purchasing power drop and this is reflected in the data from our latest poll – with the majority of consumers spending up to $100 on gifts and very few spending over $150. Last year a quarter were planning to spend between $200-$500 – a huge disparity caused by rising prices and inflation. It is, however, encouraging to see over a third (36.7%) of savvy shoppers won’t let these pressures show how much they care about loved ones and will be using catalogues to compare prices and get the best deal.

The data also found fashion items are once again the most popular choice of gift for Mother’s Day, with beauty and DIY / homeware gifts second and third for the past two years in a row as other options being considered for Aussie mums. We’re also seeing shoppers once again leave the planning of gifts for Mother’s Day to the week of, with the vast majority (85.5%) buying a gift a week or two before. Interestingly, far less are planning to shop in store in comparison to 2023. We know that being able to physically touch an item and buy it there and then are important to consumers when shopping for gifts – key reasons a majority still prefer to head in store rather than shop online.

Finally, we’re seeing AI permeate our society at an unprecedented rate and its influence on the retail sector is growing all the time. While the majority of shoppers are not integrating tools like smart speakers, Siri or chat GPT in their price comparison and purchasing behaviours, it is interesting to see over one in 10 Aussies are using these innovative devices to help with buy gifts this Mother’s Day. We look forward to seeing if this figure grows in 2025!”

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