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Swimm: Code knowledge management made easy


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Swimm is an enterprise tool designed to help developers quickly understand and navigate complex codebases, as well as capture and update knowledge to bridge any documentation gaps. This tool allows developers to ask questions directly within their integrated development environment (IDE) without disrupting their workflow or resorting to time-consuming meetings or endless Slack/Teams threads. By combining internal knowledge with codebase analysis, Swimm provides accurate and relevant answers immediately, complete with context, code snippets, and diagrams.

One notable feature of Swimm is its AI writing assistant, which prompts developers to fill in knowledge gaps and create, rewrite, or summarize documentation more efficiently. The tool also utilizes an auto-sync function that ensures documentation stays up-to-date by automatically verifying and updating information on pull requests. This saves time, enhances communication, and streamlines code review processes.

Swimm has been proven to significantly increase developer productivity, with users experiencing a 50% boost in productivity, 75% less time spent answering questions, and twice the speed in onboarding new team members or transitioning existing ones to new projects. The Swimm Engine continuously analyzes codebases, documentation sources, and enterprise tools to provide developers with accurate, relevant answers to their technical inquiries.

With AI-powered discoverability rules and analytics, Swimm helps organizations proactively share best practices with developers and analyze the impact of code understanding on key performance indicators (KPIs). This tool seamlessly integrates into various tech stacks, including GitHub, VSCode, GitLab, BitBucket, JetBrains, Mermaid, and Azure, ensuring secure integration and compliance with SOC 2 and ISO27001 standards.

Overall, Swimm offers a comprehensive solution for developer knowledge management, enabling teams to navigate complex codebases more efficiently, capture and update knowledge seamlessly, and optimize developer productivity.

Swimm – Features

Quickly understand big, complex codebases
Seamlessly capture and update developer knowledge
Stay in flow resolving questions within IDE
AI-powered analytics for document discovery rules
Integrated into popular tech stack tools
Secure by design with no code modification

Swimm – Pricing

Swimm offers three pricing plans: Free for individual projects with up to 5 users, Teams for $16 per seat/month for teams, and Enterprise starter for $28 per seat/month with advanced features. Annual billing discount of 10% OFF available. Custom Enterprise plan also available.

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