Tips – Emails – Is Hotmail or Gmail paying you to promote them?

Since working with small businesses are when a business owner has a website and uses another brand as their email address. Ie, …

The reason why is…

When you purchase your web name and hosting you actually get unlimited emails under your website name.

For example our admin team will use now we can create as many different emails as we want using the Yet  time and time again I see business owners have their web-address eg www.(yourwebaddress) yet they will on their flyers, business cards have a total different email address as their contact email, usually a or

So what annoys me is you’re actually promoting ie google or hotmail and getting nothing for it you’re advertising them for FREE. So unless you are getting paid to promote and advertise them can I suggest that you consider changing your contacts to your own email using your own web-address. Using our example you should use contactus@(yourwebaddress) or (yourname)@yourwebaddress) By doing this you are uniforming your contact, your promoting your business not google or hotmail or any of the main free email addresses you can get and your looking more professional.

The stigma of using usually represents hobby business.

To find out how to create your own emails please contact your hosting provider who will assist you to create them and put your address into your email client and your phone.

It may seem trivial but its your brand and the way that you are seen within the community, so my advice is to contact your hosting provider and change it.

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