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UIBakery: Empowering developers to build custom web apps


UI Bakery is a low-code platform designed specifically for developers to create custom web applications quickly and efficiently. The platform is known for its rapid growth and powerful internal tools solution, supported by a responsive team. UI Bakery offers developers the ability to build internal tools, customer portals, vendor apps, admin panels, and dashboards, providing a velocity boost at every development stage.

With UI Bakery, users can take advantage of over 30 native integrations, including SQL and NoSQL databases, HTTP APIs, and various third-party tools. The platform also offers drag-and-drop responsive UI capabilities, allowing users to utilize over 75 components to build interfaces of any complexity without the need for extensive knowledge of CSS and JS frameworks.

UI Bakery’s low-code platform enables users to effortlessly create, read, update, and delete data, add conditions, iterate through it, and debug with UI Bakery Actions. Users can also control versions and releases with Git version control, allowing for parallel work and the implementation of Gitflow or other preferred Git branching strategies.

Deploying applications with UI Bakery is streamlined with a single click, enabling users to invite users and instantly ship mission-critical updates to them. The platform also allows for users to securely interact with apps in end-user mode, publish live changes to specific environments, add users, and set up their permissions all with a simple one-click process.

Overall, UI Bakery offers developers a comprehensive and efficient solution for building custom web applications at speed. With its wide range of integrations, drag-and-drop UI capabilities, low-code platform, Git version control, and easy deployment process, UI Bakery is a valuable tool for developers looking to save time and enhance their development process.

UIBakery – Features

Custom web apps at speed with low-code platform
Build internal tools, customer portals, vendor apps, admin panels, dashboards
Connect data easily with 30+ integrations including SQL and NoSQL databases
Utilize 75+ components for responsive UI design without need for CSS and JS frameworks
Effortlessly CRUD data, add conditions, iterate through it with code and no-code business logic
Control versions and releases with Git version control
Deploy updates with a single click, invite users and set permissions
Connect Git for synchronization between multiple instances

UIBakery – Pricing

UIBakery offers a free plan for up to 5 users with unlimited apps and data sources. Their Standard plan is $5 per user monthly and their Business plan is $10 per user monthly. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited seats for $250 per month. Custom pricing available for Enterprise features.

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