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Having a background in major television and film productions and seeing the transition and updates of equipment used from 40 years ago to now is a huge pinch me moment. Since my first day in a studio at the age of 4 on a show called Romper Room I remember all these big cameras, cords everywhere in-fact I tripped over those cords as I was so clumsy, but when people asked how I got in TV I tell them I kind of fell into it. But in the day there where people everywhere and these days it’s extremely compact. Most camera’s and sound is all done via remote control. Just insane these days. I remember 10 years ago I had a conversation with a fellow producer Jenny Day wife of Brian Hannant (Writer of Mad Max 2) who told me in a production meeting that movies were made on handsets the cheap ones that you buy from a electrical store as the development of technology had changed so much.

10 years on with the introduction of youtube, vlogs and podcast ect the technology is such that once where you had to rely on a production team is such that you can do it yourself, all you need is a phone, editing software and post it to a social media site and you can create a name for yourself, your business and create a brand.

Sounds easy and really now with everything at your disposal all you need is a smartphone, go pro or camera of some sort and off you go.

So creating your brand with a vlog or podcast and promoting you and your business makes absolute sense! You should be talk about yourself, your experiences and your knowledge within the industry of what your business is.

We are going to be adding within The SBC Business Gym a tutorial on how to create your own vlog and everything you need from the pro’s.

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