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Voilà: AI assistant to create, write, brainstorm, and research


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Voila is a business tool that offers a seamless AI assistant to help users create, write, brainstorm, and research all in one place. Available for various platforms including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, iOS, and Android, Voila’s features include GPT 4, which allows users to utilize ChatGPT on any website, access a library of expert prompts, convert web pages into various forms of content, and conduct research with web access in any language.

The tool is particularly useful for crafting professional long-form content in various domains such as product development, marketing, engineering, sales, advertising, and SEO. Users can create engaging ad campaigns, landing page copy, blog posts, resumes, cover letters, social media content, case studies, and more with the help of Voila’s expert prompts.

Furthermore, Voila streamlines the email management process by providing AI-powered instant replies, allowing users to review and send responses effortlessly. The tool also enables users to improve their writing by fixing spelling and grammar errors, translating text, and summarizing or extracting key information from any document.

Voila simplifies the process of working with website content by making it easy to convert, summarize, or extract key information from URLs. The tool also offers convenient shortcuts for common browser and work-related actions, making daily tasks faster and easier. Additionally, users can get instant answers to any question, conduct research with web access, and access the tool on all websites while maintaining privacy and GDPR compliance.

With features such as a mobile app, upcoming desktop app for MacOS and Windows, and Voila for Teams, this tool aims to redefine team productivity and workflows. Overall, Voila is a versatile business tool that offers a wide range of functionalities to help users streamline their tasks, enhance their content creation, and make data-driven decisions effectively.

Voila – Features

AI assistant to help with creating, writing, brainstorming, and researching
Library of expert prompts for various types of content
Instant email replies with AI-powered assistance
Ability to convert web pages into different types of content
Works on all websites and in any language
Focus on creating professional, domain-specific content
Available for various platforms including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, iOS, and Android
Emphasis on maintaining privacy and GDPR compliance

Voila – Pricing

Voilà offers a free plan with 250 free requests, a Premium plan for $8/month with 3,000 requests and AI model options, and an Ultimate plan for $16/month with unlimited requests, priority processing, and early access to features. Teams & Businesses plans start at $16/seat/month.

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