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WaxWing: Personalized, detailed & proven marketing strategies with AI


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WaxWing is an AI-powered business tool designed to assist Growth Hackers, Performance Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Founders, D2C Owners, SEO Experts, Product Marketers, and more in developing personalized, detailed, and proven marketing strategies. The tool offers intelligent planning and strategy development by adapting strategies to the unique context of individual businesses and their objectives. It provides advanced insights and business profiling, integrating real-time market trends and competitor insights.

One of the key features of WaxWing is its innovative content creation using MarketingGPT, which empowers marketing content with AI-generated prompt libraries and tailored recommendations for dynamic messages. The tool also includes efficient project management and collaboration tools, streamlining tasks, workflows, and communication within teams.

In comparison to traditional project management tools like Jira or Monday, WaxWing outshines the competition by offering AI-driven strategies, automated business profiling, continuous adaptive learning, personalized KPIs, detailed task and plan generation, and industry-specific tailoring for B2B SaaS startups and growth marketing. The tool also provides time efficiency, comprehensive reporting on target audiences and market trends, and a focus on marketing-specific project management features.

WaxWing is recommended for Product Marketing and Growth Teams, Managers, Growth Hackers, Heads, and C-level executives looking for intelligent AI-assisted lifecycle management of growth campaigns and initiatives. The subscription starts from $19 monthly for individual marketeers, with pricing based on the size of the team. The tool ensures industry-standard security protocols to protect data privacy and gathers business intelligence by scanning websites, digital platforms, and connected MarTech stacks. Overall, WaxWing aims to help businesses ideate and implement state-of-the-art growth strategies for actionable marketing initiatives aligned with growth objectives.

WaxWing – Features

Personalized, detailed, and proven marketing strategies tailored to specific roles
Intelligent planning and strategy development with adaptive learning
Advanced intelligence and insights with real-time market trends
Innovative content creation with MarketingGPT and curated prompt library
Efficient project management and collaboration tools for seamless execution
Industry-specific tailoring for B2B SaaS startups and growth marketing
Comprehensive reporting on target audiences, buyer personas, and market trends
Subscription starting from $19 monthly for individual marketers, with team-based options

WaxWing – Pricing

WaxWing offers pricing plans starting at $19/month for Individual users, $99/month for Teams, and custom pricing for Enterprises. Individual plan includes unlimited brainstorming and marketing features, while Team plan includes 2 Workspaces and up to 10 team members. Enterprise plan offers unlimited everything with custom AI models and templates.

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