Welcome to Small Business Connect

We are excited to have you to our brand new online small business community dedicated to small businesses.

This initiative was set up as a social / development group to provide small business owners with a place that they can go to to socialise, meet other people to build and develop their businesses or just hang out with other people who own and operate small businesses. 

On the site you can do most things that you would want from a social platform, you can post photo’s of your family, post last night’s left overs, even show little jonny’s first steps so being on here is not just about working your business but if you are, you can do that too. 

first thing you will do when you get into the site is to create your profile, list your business within our business directory and then list your products and services within our marketplace. This will allow people to purchase your products and services from the site. Once you are set up you can go ahead and introduce yourself, connect with other members and we encourage you to look at the site. If you are interested you can look at joining our business development group. Recommended if you are a new business or if you are a business coach you can create your own business group.

There is so much you can do and we are just building and building.

The reason we charge a $12.00 monthly fee for 3 reasons 

  1. Not to clog up our site with advertising.
  2. Discourage scamming and hawkers. Although we encourage you to connect with other members we ask you not to do so with the intentions of selling that’s what the marketplace is for.
  3. It allows us to grow.

We also ask if you like this site please invite your small business owner friends to join. We want to grow from word of mouth.

Enjoy and if you need anything please use the groups dedicated online chat to one of our development team.