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Wethod: All-in-one project management solution to work smarter


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Wethod is a powerful business tool designed to streamline project management processes, optimize team collaboration, and enhance the overall efficiency of project-oriented organizations. The tool offers a range of features, including CRM integration, project management tools, portfolio analysis, budgeting, timesheet tracking, project collaboration, activity planning, and much more. Wethod is specifically built to adapt to various management models, from horizontal to vertical structures, allowing organizations to choose the approach that best suits their needs.

One of the key highlights of Wethod is its user-friendly interface, which eliminates the need for jumping between multiple platforms to extract necessary data or information. The tool provides real-time insights, productivity reports, and budget tracking to help teams make informed decisions and stay on top of project progress. Additionally, Wethod supports professional growth by empowering team members to align their individual goals with project objectives and track their achievements.

Financial tracking is another crucial aspect of Wethod, with the tool offering insights into profits, external and internal costs, revenue projections, and budget comparisons. This comprehensive overview helps organizations maintain financial health and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Furthermore, Wethod aids in team management by providing tools to identify and onboard missing talent, track team progress, and evaluate individual skills and achievements. By centralizing project management processes and promoting team collaboration, Wethod allows businesses to optimize time spent on valuable activities, reduce bureaucracy, and focus on strategic priorities. With an intuitive interface, real-time insights, and a range of features to support efficient project management, Wethod is a valuable asset for business managers looking to enhance productivity and achieve project success.

Wethod – Features

Automated project management tool
Real-time data and insights
Adaptable to different management models
Integrates CRM, project management, and portfolio analysis
Easy to use with features such as budgeting and timesheets
Pipeline management for new project opportunities
Collaboration tools including Kanban and Gantt charts
Financial tracking and reporting for profitability analysis

Wethod – Pricing

Wethod offers a free plan for students, NGOs, and freelancers that includes all functionalities. The Team plan is $17.90 per month per user, with advanced support and consultancy services. Both plans include unlimited users and various support and integration features.

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