When in a bad mood I go prospecting

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Promoting Your Business face to face.

When promoting your small business one of the best way and most fun is by putting the pens down, whack the phone onto silent and get out and meet some folks.

Probably the oldest marketing strategy and still the best to create new working relationships is face to face (F2F) Whether you have a new business or been playing a while it’s essential to always be marketing, prospecting and finding new opportunities.

This can be done very easily, Go business to business and introduce yourself simply say

Hi my name is …. I’m from ….. (extend your hand and business card) I am just introducing myself to see if there is any opportunities that I might be able to help with? (They will take your card and read it and ask questions.

Something along those lines, very easy, non threatening and always with a smile. Some of the challenges are people have sales people selling to them constantly and people are genuinely skeptical but if you are polite they will be more receptive. Remember rarely will you get a sale the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time visiting it could be the 4th, 5th or 6th however this is a great time to build and nurture your network.

If you do get a sale at any time ensure you provide the best quality service and make them feel satisfied with your product and service because you are the face. If you have staff and they are the sales agent they are the face people generally are not loyal to the product they are loyal to the person they have the relationship with.

There are so many great local networking groups that you should consider being subscribed to each one, your local chamber of commerce, our online Small Business Warehouse network, industry groups the more you are in the more people you have access to and they have access to you.

A mentor of mine once said when he was in a bad mood he went prospecting and I’m guessing he was always in a bad mood because he was always prospecting wasn’t because he was poor because he was bringing in the money simply for just being out there.

When you first start understand that it is hard, don’t take rejection personally because they are never personal and always be positive and smile.

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