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Workable: The ultimate recruiting tool for big ideas and amazing talent


Workable is a comprehensive recruiting software tool that helps businesses find, hire, onboard, and manage their employees. With Workable, companies can streamline their entire hiring process, from sourcing and attracting candidates to employee onboarding and management.

One of the key features of Workable is its sourcing and attracting capabilities. The platform allows users to quickly fill their candidate pipeline by posting job listings to over 200 sites with just one click. Additionally, Workable utilizes AI-powered sourcing to help find the best candidates, as well as promote employee referrals.

Once candidates have been sourced, Workable enables users to evaluate and collaborate with hiring teams to make informed hiring decisions. Users can gather feedback from stakeholders, evaluate applicants, and easily decide on the best candidates, all within the platform.

Workable also offers automation features to expedite the hiring process. The platform automates tasks such as scheduling interviews and obtaining approvals, allowing users to move faster and make the best hires in half the time.

In addition to hiring, Workable also supports the onboarding and management of new employees. With Workable, companies can create custom onboarding experiences, have new hires e-sign documents, and store all employee information in one centralized location.

Companies around the world choose Workable for several reasons. Workable integrates with a variety of other apps and tools, including LinkedIn and Google, to enhance productivity and efficiency. The platform also offers fast, global support, with users able to reach their award-winning support team in just 25 seconds. Workable prioritizes the security of user data and is ISO-certified. Moreover, companies can access Workable’s features and functionality on the go with the top-rated mobile hiring app. Additionally, users can benefit from expert advice through hiring templates and tutorials offered by Workable.

Workable – Features

One-click job posting to 200+ sites
AI-powered sourcing
Employee referrals
Collaborative evaluation of applicants
Automation of process and manual tasks
Custom onboarding experiences
Integration with 70+ other apps and tools
Fast and global support

Workable – Pricing

The Starter plan is $149/month for up to 50 employees and includes 2 active jobs and 200 AI sourcing profile views. The Standard plan is $299/month or $3,588/year, with unlimited active jobs and 1,000 AI sourcing profile views. The Premier plan is $599/month or $7,188/year, with unlimited active jobs and 20,000 AI sourcing profile views.

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