Be part of a unique

Small Business Community

Whether you’re a start-up business or you’ve been in business a while our community has something for everyone. Whether you want to just use our group to socialise with other like minded people through our social platform or you want to join in on everything we have to offer it’s up to you. We have the marketplace where you can sell your products and services to our members, the business gym where you and your team can access our live business sessions or take part in our live events.

Our role is to provide opportunities for your business to grow and to have high quality people involved that can assist in your personal development and the development of your team.

By being part of any business group ours or others it’s all about supporting each other. We would like to invite you to join Small Business Connect.


First Month Triial for $1

SBC Team Membership

$ 20 / Per Month
  • Includes 10 Users Team memberships are your staff and they can take part in all the team membership initiatives including business gym sessions which are dedicated to your team
  • Business Social Not only is our community for business but you can also use the site to meet new members, create your own business and social groups, tell members what is happening in your day. Like any social platform you can do within our community.
  • Business Directory List your business into our members business professional full feature directory.* Only business owners will be authorised to list their business.
  • Business Gym We provide multiple live weekly business development and business building initiatives for both business owners and your team . Join our live group business zoom sessions or catch up with our growing library of past sessions. Please note that people with team memberships won't be able to join in on business owners only sessions.
  • Marketplace Sell your products and services to our members from our marketplace. We ask you consider a members benefit.
  • Job Board You got a job vacancy or you're looking to change? use our professional job board to list and apply for jobs from our job board
  • Live Events You will be invited to take part in our live team bonding sessions and series of gala days, charity drives and international and domestic events. **Due to Covid we are holding back on announcing events for the foreseeable future but once restrictions have passed we will resume these events
  • Contribute your expertise Contribute to our blogs, take a business gym session or just participate.
  • Fee Lock-In Like most things prices will need to be adjusted usually once per year BUT not for you. This price you currently are on will be yours as long as you are a member with us and don't cancel.
  • Much Much More We will be adding new initiatives and creating more opportunities to members of our group regularly. We're only at the start.