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We would like to invite you and your team to join us and become a valued member within our small business community.

By being a part of our business community not only will you be able to build and develop your business, you will be able to assist and take part in supporting others. Building a business is hard by yourself which is why we have created small business connect to create opportunities. 

We also encourage your team to be part of the team. It is also important that your team has a platform where they can seek support from the community both for their business and personal development. It also allows more people to contribute their experiences and the more people that we have within the group the more people who have access to your products and services via the marketplace.

Whether you want to use the community socially or to develop your business our community is for everyone involved with small business.


$ 12 Monthly
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  • Extra Team Users + $0.10 per person
  • Business Social
  • Create Business & Interest Groups
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  • Business Directory
  • Marketplace
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Small Business Connect is an online small business community exclusively for small business owners and their teams.

We provide an online platform which provides small business owners and their teams to support each other, we encourage users to network, write blogs, share daily experiences and share with the group. We also offer the business gym and an online support team to assist our members. We do however encourage members to use the site for social activities, create social or professional groups and we also provide our online marketplace where members can actively buy and sell their products and serves directly from our site.

Business owners are encouraged to list their business within our fully featured professional Business Directory.

No we are not a business coaching platform we are a social media platform, we do provide group sessions but we are not business coaches. However we do encourage business coaches to join our community and encourage them to host sessions as a way to promote their business and programs.

The Marketplace is a members only online shop. Members are able to actively promote and sell their products and services directly to our members. We do charge a small transaction fee. Information inside.

If you no longer wish to be a member of Small Business Connect simply cancel. If you have a team account with other users this will also affect them. There is no cancelation fee. 

SBC is a social media platform for people involved with small businesses we can not guarantee you will make money from being a member within our online community but we can guarantee that what you put in generally s what you get out.