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RocketStatements: Convert bank statements to Excel & CSV easily

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting RocketStatements is a leading bank statement conversion tool that offers a fast, secure, and simple solution for converting bank statements from PDF to Excel and CSV formats. Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, RocketStatements eliminates the need for manual data entry and streamlines the process of converting bank statements. The tool works by allowing users to easily upload PDF bank statements from their computer or by drag and drop, and then with just one click, the tool converts the statement’s tables and data into an Excel file, regardless of the format. Users can then download the converted statement in their choice of Excel, comma-separated, or JSON formats. With extensive banking experience, RocketStatements ensures data security by implementing robust security protocols that meet HIPAA requirements. The tool is compatible with hundreds of banks worldwide, allowing users to effortlessly convert PDF statements into neat and tidy Excel spreadsheets. RocketStatements utilizes machine learning and AI technology to recognize and extract data from bank statements in any format. Users can simply upload their PDF file and let the software work its magic. The tool is not restricted to specific templates and can handle all file formats, including PDFs, images, and more. In addition to secure encryption and bulk processing capabilities, RocketStatements also offers clean data formatting, an AI copilot for smooth conversions, and flexible export options. Users can easily export converted statements into Excel, CSV, or JSON formats, and toggle between customized outputs with one click. The tool supports compatibility with over 100 major banks worldwide and even multilingual statements. Overall, RocketStatements is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses looking to streamline their bank statement conversion process. With its ease of use, secure encryption, and support for a wide range of banks, RocketStatements is a valuable tool for business managers seeking a convenient and trustworthy solution for converting bank statements. RocketStatements – Features Instantly convert bank statements from PDF to Excel & CSV Trusted by thousands of worldwide companies Works with hundreds of banks worldwide Secure encryption to protect data Bulk processing for time savings Clean data formatting for easy readability AI copilot for smooth and flawless conversions Flexible export options to choose from Excel, CSV, or JSON formats RocketStatements – Pricing RocketStatements offers four pricing plans for individuals and businesses. The Essentials plan is $25 per month, Business plan is $60, Advanced plan is $90, and Basic plan is $15. Each plan includes features like clean data formatting, bulk processing, multiple export options, and secure encryption. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

RosebudAI: Craft, play, create & share games

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting RosebudAI Game Maker is a powerful platform that allows users to transform text descriptions into fully functional games. With the help of an AI assistant named Rosie, users can easily create, customize, and share their games on this innovative game development platform. The platform offers a variety of features, including the ability to engage in conversations with AI characters, create AI-powered games, and explore games built by other users. One of the unique features of RosebudAI is the option to craft games in 2D or Voxel style, as well as the ability to create assets and code with the assistance of AI. Users can also animate characters with ease, customize NPCs with AI, and create interactive visual novel experiences. Additionally, the platform offers dynamic RPG design features like adaptive difficulty, dynamic world-building, and character progression. RosebudAI is not only suitable for creating games but also for educational purposes. Users can leverage the platform to teach students how to craft captivating games through creative conversations and interactive stories. The platform provides explanations of the code generated, making it easier for users to understand and modify it. Overall, RosebudAI Game Maker is a versatile tool that enables users to bring their game ideas to life with the help of AI technology. Whether you are a game developer looking to streamline the game development process or an educator seeking to enhance learning through interactive experiences, RosebudAI offers a unique and innovative solution to meet your needs. RosebudAI – Features Create games from text descriptions to code Play and make games on iOS Talk to AI characters and engage in interactive stories AI for education to help students craft games Build immersive worlds with AI-generated assets Customize characters with AI-generated appearances and traits Empower NPCs with AI for intelligent reactions Create dynamic RPG designs with adaptive difficulty and world-building RosebudAI – Pricing Available upon request. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

ProductRoadmap: Link roadmaps to revenue like never before

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting. ProductRoadmap is an AI-powered roadmapping suite that is designed to help businesses align their product roadmaps with sales to ensure maximum ROI. This tool enables users to identify and prioritize feature gaps based on revenue impact, generate roadmaps, and seamlessly close the loop with sales teams. One of the key features of ProductRoadmap is its ability to automatically connect CRM and support tools, extracting deal-blocking feature gaps and prioritizing revenue-based roadmaps using AI. By analyzing CRM data and customer conversations, the tool helps users identify key themes, feature requests, areas for improvement, and overall sentiment analysis. ProductRoadmap also allows users to quantify a product’s impact on revenue by auto-mapping CRM deal data to roadmap items, giving a clear view of potential business impact, user needs, and internal value. Additionally, the tool can automatically notify sales deal owners when features ship, empowering sales teams to unblock stalled deals, capture upsell opportunities, and close pipeline. In addition to roadmapping features, ProductRoadmap offers a range of other functionalities including research capabilities for competitive intelligence and customer surveys, GTM planning to align roadmap items with Product Marketing, feature voting boards for customer or internal feedback, public changelogs for announcing feature updates, and AI feedback summarization. Overall, ProductRoadmap aims to streamline the product development process by aligning product, marketing, and sales teams and automating product operations in one centralized platform. The tool has shown impressive results, including better adoption and revenue impact, significant time savings per stakeholder per launch, and substantial cost savings for SaaS businesses. ProductRoadmap – Features Connect roadmaps to revenue instantly align roadmaps with Sales Build and prioritize revenue-based roadmaps in seconds Automatically identify deal-blocking feature gaps Analyze insights with AI to surface key themes from customer conversations Empower sales teams by automatically notifying deal owners when features ship Research competitive intelligence and customer surveys Build beautiful, shareable roadmaps with customizable views GTM Planning by handing off roadmap items into AI-powered GTM plans ProductRoadmap – Pricing ProductRoadmap offers three pricing plans: Freemium (Free), Liftoff ($99 per editor per month), and Moonshot (Custom). Each plan includes AI, automation, and internal enablement tools with various additional features. Unlimited free viewers and AI & automation tools are included in all plans. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Mailchimp’s new AI system empowers marketers

​[[{“value”:” Struggling to predict customer behavior and boost your ROI? Mailchimp, a leading marketing platform, has unveiled a game-changing solution: revenue intelligence (RI). This innovative system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), integrating seamlessly with your workflow to uncover hidden opportunities and personalize your marketing efforts for greater impact. Using always-on predictive and generative AI models, RI identifies potential customers ready to convert and generates engaging email and SMS content to enhance purchase likelihood and brand loyalty. Starting today, marketers and business owners worldwide can register for early access to updates on this cutting-edge revenue intelligence technology, empowering them to discover and capitalize on untapped revenue opportunities Following the successful launch of Intuit Assist last year, Mailchimp’s new RI technology will harness Intuit’s extensive data to offer marketers enhanced capabilities. By integrating financial insights from QuickBooks and marketing performance data, the RI system will benchmark customer marketing efforts, recommend optimal timing for targeting, and generate personalized, revenue-driving content. Rania Succar, SVP and General Manager of Mailchimp, highlighted the impact of this innovation: “Predicting customer behavior to drive exploration, spending, and loyalty is a major challenge and growth opportunity for marketers. Our AI-driven advancements within Intuit’s data-rich ecosystem will enable smarter, more integrated business decisions that expand customer bases and enhance profitability.” Key Features of Mailchimp’s Revenue Intelligence: Financial Data Integration: Leveraging QuickBooks metrics and third-party commerce data, Mailchimp will proactively identify missed opportunities, benchmark marketing efforts, and optimize seasonal campaigns and discounts. Seamless AI Integration: RI technology will be embedded within the platform, allowing marketers to focus on core activities while the system analyzes data and suggests automated, personalized marketing strategies without additional learning curves. Revenue Prediction by Segmentation: The AI will predict conversion rates and revenue potential for customer segments, generating targeted email and SMS content to boost engagement. Repeat Purchase Targeting: Predictive models will help marketers schedule communications to encourage repeat purchases, using industry-specific buying patterns. Branded Content Generation: Enhanced brand kits will ensure that generated content remains on-brand, reflecting the business’s style and customer preferences. Marketing Funnel Visualization: Marketers will gain a comprehensive view of their customer base, categorized by revenue potential and lifetime value, aiding in prioritizing growth opportunities. Expanding SMS Functionality  Following last year’s release of SMS for US-based customers, Mailchimp also announced plans to expand SMS functionality to the UK— equipping UK-based customers with a 360-degree subscriber view that pulls all data sources into one place, allowing businesses to maximise engagement, track ROI, and streamline analytics reporting.  “SMS marketing has grown to become a critical component to engaging consumers,” said Michelle Taite, Chief Marketing Officer at Mailchimp. “Our US customers are seeing up to 16x ROI in the first 3 months after launching their first SMS campaign**, and with over 93% deliverability rates***, Mailchimp’s SMS is an incredibly reliable tool for building a meaningful relationship with your customers and a powerful way to drive engagement, conversion, and brand loyalty.” SMS and email are among businesses’ most effective omnichannel marketing strategies when used together. The combination provides a direct and immediate way for businesses to reach their audience with time-sensitive promotions or reminders, as most consumers carry their mobile phones with them at all times.  Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Australian SME owners feeling the financial squeeze personally

​[[{“value”:” A new study by YouGov paints a concerning picture for Australian small businesses. Cash reserves are dwindling, with over one-fifth (22%) having none at all and many more (18%) with less than a month’s worth of operating expenses. This financial strain comes amidst warnings of further interest rate hikes, making it even harder for businesses to save. The retail and hospitality sectors are especially vulnerable. They’ve been hit hard by a combination of decreased consumer spending, rising supply chain costs, and increasing fuel and energy expenses. As Beau Bertoli, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Prospa (Australia’s leading online small business lender) points out, current economic conditions are pushing small businesses further away from the recommended 3-6 months of cash reserves. Yet while the future may appear bleak from the outside, Australian business leaders are proving their resilience to adverse market conditions once again by taking a solutions-first approach.  Overall, more than three in four (77 per cent) Australian business owners and decision makers say their business already have or are likely to actively adopt strategies in the next 12 months to manage the impact of rising costs. While over two in five (43 per cent) plan to reduce non-essential expenses and 38 per cent are likely to increase their prices in the next 12 months, nearly one in five (17 per cent) of metro-based businesses cite an increased support for technology adoption.  “Technology will be a crucial lifeline for small businesses as they map out their cashflow over the coming months. Streamlining manual backend tasks and harnessing technology to create admin efficiencies will have a direct impact on the productivity – and therefore profitability – of the business. Our data shows business owners know this too and they’re taking the bull by the horns to ensure they not only survive but thrive in the current climate,” said Beau.    The financial hit becomes personal  However, the hard work and sacrifice made by SME leaders has steadily begun to impact their finances and lives on a personal level, with over three quarters (77 per cent) feeling the squeeze.  As the business purse strings tighten, so too does the personal wallet as nearly half (46%) say they have reduced their own income, and a further 31 per cent have had to dip into their personal funds to pay business expenses. Yet despite switching or likely to switch in the next 12 months to lower-cost suppliers (19 per cent), reducing their pay or bonus (12 per cent), and even reducing their operating hours (11 per cent), undeniably the great toll taken is on the SME leader’s mental health. A huge 44 per cent note increased stress or burnout and nearly a third (29 per cent) cite less time to spend with friends and family due to rising costs and a challenging economic environment.  “While Australia’s small business community has jumped hurdle after hurdle in recent years, the current economic environment is raising the bar higher than ever before. With cash reserves down, and the personal impact becoming increasingly evident, it’s critical that businesses assess the financial support available to them and access what they need to put themselves back in the race” said Beau.  Belinda Keehn, Principle Creative Designer, founder and owner at BJ’s PJs: “As an Australian small business owner, the current economic climate is becoming increasingly tough to navigate. Rising costs and fierce competition from overseas has meant less business is coming through the door, making it harder than ever to keep the lights on. While BJ’s PJ’s boomed during the pandemic in line with the unprecedented appetite for loungewear, consumers are spending more on household bills and less on themselves. When my cash reserves dried up, I made the tough decision to use my personal savings to pay off my business’ expenses. Since 2022, this equated to over AUD$100,000 – all of my savings. I also haven’t paid myself a salary in the same period, and am still unsure when I will be able to do so.  “As the financial pressures have mounted, the knock-on impact on my personal life has been profound. The increased stress of trying to keep the business afloat has led to burnout, which becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. In the near future, I hope to see more government-led support for the small business community so we can continue to do our part to contribute to the economy.” Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

AWS announces $230 million commitment for generative AI startups

​[[{“value”:” Amazon Web Services announced a $230 million commitment for startups around the world to accelerate the creation of generative AI applications. This will provide startups, especially early-stage companies, with AWS credits, mentorship, and education to further their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Part of the new commitment will fund the second cohort of the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, a program that provides hands-on expertise and up to $1 million in credits to each of the top 80 early-stage startups that are using generative AI to solve complex challenges. Applications for the AWS Generative AI Accelerator open today and will be accepted until July 19. Startups can apply here. “For more than 18 years, AWS has helped more startups to build, launch, and scale their business than any other cloud provider—it’s no coincidence that 96% of all AI/ML unicorns run on AWS,” said Matt Wood, vice president, Artificial Intelligence Products at AWS. “With this new effort, we will help startups launch and scale world-class businesses, providing the building blocks they need to unleash new AI applications that will impact all facets of how the world learns, connects, and does business.” Interested startups can learn more about how to access these funds here. Startups can use AWS credits to access AWS compute, storage, and database technologies, as well as AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia2, energy-efficient AI chips that offer high performance at the lowest cost. These credits can also be used on Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that helps companies build and train their own FMs, as well as to access models and tools to easily and securely build generative AI applications through Amazon Bedrock. AWS Generative AI Accelerator continues to launch successful startups The AWS Generative AI Accelerator identifies top early-stage startups that are using generative AI to solve complex challenges in areas such as financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, business, and climate change, among others. Participants will access sessions on ML performance enhancement, stack optimization, and go-to-market strategies. The 10-week program will match participants with both business and technical mentors based on industry vertical. Startups will receive up to $1 million each in AWS credits to help them build, train, test, and launch their generative AI solutions. They will also have access to industry experts, technology, and technical sessions from NVIDIA, the program’s presenting partner, and be invited to join the NVIDIA Inception program, designed to nurture cutting-edge startups. AWS will announce selected startups for the second cohort on September 10, and the program will kick off on October 1 with in-person sessions at Amazon’s Seattle campus. All 80 participating startups will be invited to attend and showcase their solutions to potential investors, customers, partners, and AWS leaders in December at re:Invent 2024 in Las Vegas. “AWS has been instrumental in enabling us to scale our generative AI platform to meet the rapidly growing demand from our global user community. Their robust generative AI infrastructure helped us reduce inferencing costs by 60% and accelerate our language model inference speeds by up to 35%,” said Jachin Bhasme, co-founder and COO of Leonardo.AI, a powerful suite of generative AI tools for creators and one of the 21 startups to participate in the first cohort of the program. “The accelerator was also an incredible experience for us. The business and technical mentorship we received and the connections we made played a crucial role in shaping our product and strategy.” “AWS has the right combination of technology, network of partners, and potential customers in the life sciences space that made it the best fit to support our vision of building the next generation of AI models for drug discovery,” said Nima Alidoust, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Vevo Therapeutics, an AI-driven biotechnology startup building the world’s first platform to generate high-resolution, single-cell in vivo data in living organisms at scale. “Participating in the AWS Generative AI Accelerator program provided us with valuable opportunities to tap into this community and to leverage AWS’s infrastructure and expertise in scaling model training and development.” To learn more about the opportunities for generative AI startups choosing AWS, and the application process for the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, visit  Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Tech Tuesday: AI-powered virtual assistants for businesses

​[[{“value”:” SMEs are recognizing the pivotal role of virtual assistants in optimizing their business operations. These assistants are becoming indispensable tools, employed to streamline workflows, amplify productivity levels, and elevate customer interactions to new heights. Tailored specifically for the nuances of smaller enterprises, these virtual assistants bring targeted solutions that integrate seamlessly into daily operations, offering automation across a spectrum of tasks such as scheduling, customer support, data management, and more. In this week’s edition of Tech Tuesday, we spotlight the leading virtual assistants that are making a significant impact on SME efficiency and growth. AI SCAPE’s Virtual Agents  Automated communications and notifications are a reality with Virtual Agents.   Create automated customer journeys by deploying Virtual Agents that can resolve frequently asked questions and provide customers the ability seamlessly self-serve.   IPscape’s cloud contact centre platform provides over 148 multi-lingual out-of-the-box Virtual Assistants with synthetic voices that possess life-like pronunciation and pitch.  AI SCAPE’s Virtual Agents are easy to deploy across inbound calling and routing workflows. Managers can design responses to queries and create on-brand conversations that are powered by text-to-speech models, enabling human-like interactions at scale.  Zoho Zia Zoho Zia is a powerful virtual assistant designed to enhance the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is deeply integrated with Zoho CRM, offering insightful suggestions and task automation that streamline customer relationship management. This integration allows Zia to automate email and chat responses, ensuring efficient and timely interactions with customers. Additionally, Zoho Zia provides comprehensive business analytics, generating detailed reports and insights from Zoho applications to inform strategic decisions. Routine tasks such as setting reminders, updating records, and scheduling can be automated, significantly reducing the manual workload. The assistant is tailored specifically for SMEs, ensuring it meets the unique needs of smaller businesses. Trello Butler Trello Butler is an automation powerhouse for SMEs that rely on Trello for project management. It automates a variety of Trello board activities, such as moving cards, creating new cards, and sending notifications, which helps to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. Users can set up custom rules, buttons, and commands tailored to their specific needs, making it highly customizable. Moreover, Trello Butler integrates seamlessly with other essential tools like Slack, Jira, and Google Calendar, creating a cohesive and interconnected workflow environment. By automating repetitive tasks, it saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, thereby boosting productivity.  Clara Clara is a sophisticated virtual assistant designed to manage and optimize scheduling and calendar management for SMEs. It automates the meeting scheduling process by coordinating with participants via email, which reduces the back-and-forth communication typically involved in setting up meetings. Clara also helps manage calendars to avoid conflicts and ensure efficient time usage, sending automated reminders and follow-up emails to keep everyone on track. What sets Clara apart is its human-like interaction, which provides a professional touch to communications, making it seem like a real assistant is handling the scheduling. is an intuitive virtual assistant focused on automating meeting scheduling and calendar management. It coordinates meeting times via email with attendees and manages calendar events, ensuring that scheduling is handled efficiently and without conflicts. Users can set customizable preferences for meeting times, locations, and durations to fit their specific needs. also sends automated follow-up reminders and confirmations, ensuring that meetings are well-organized and attended. Its user-friendly setup and minimal configuration requirements make it easy to deploy and use, even for those not tech-savvy. integrates seamlessly with popular calendar services like Google Calendar and Office 365, making it a versatile tool for various business environments. This assistant is highly efficient, handling scheduling tasks quickly and freeing up time for other important activities. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Scholarcy: Supercharge your research workflow with AI-powered tools

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Scholarcy is a powerful AI-powered tool designed specifically for summarizing, analyzing, and organizing academic papers. This tool is not just limited to students or researchers, but it caters to all levels, from undergraduates to postgraduates and beyond. Scholarcy’s main features include the ability to summarize any paper, article, textbook, or even videos into interactive flashcards that highlight key information. Users can import files from various sources such as PDFs, book chapters, articles, studies, plain text, Zotero, Google Drive, and YouTube, making it compatible with different platforms. In terms of analysis, Scholarcy offers smart highlighting and analyzing features that guide users to important sections of text and help them interpret the content more easily. The tool also provides a structured format with Flashcards to read and explore multiple texts efficiently, allowing users to highlight, annotate, and take notes while reading. Additionally, Scholarcy helps users explore new concepts and terms, pointing them to further reading and showing how the article compares to earlier work. For organization purposes, Scholarcy allows users to save summaries in a library, keeping track of important details, references, figures, and tables for quick access. Users can also export their flashcards to various file formats compatible with research and productivity apps, and generate bibliographies with just a click. With Scholarcy, users can synthesize their insights and apply what they have learned by transforming their knowledge into a well-articulated argument. Whether writing journal articles or other academic papers, Scholarcy helps users summarize, analyze, and organize their research efficiently. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of texts coming your way and need a tool to streamline your research workflow, Scholarcy may be worth considering. Scholarcy – Features Summarize, analyze, and organize research AI powered tools specifically for academic papers Organize knowledge and keep track of important details Analyze complex texts with smart highlighting and analyzing features Export summaries to a range of formats for further exploration and sharing Generate bibliographies in a click for easy referencing Easily apply learned knowledge into well-articulated arguments for writing publications or reports Scholarcy – Pricing Scholarcy offers a free article summarizer with a limit of 3 summaries per day. The Scholarcy Plus plan is $4.99/month and includes unlimited summarization, enhanced summaries, flashcard management, note-taking, and more. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

Pinecone: Transforming AI applications with serverless vector database

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting Pinecone is a cutting-edge vector database designed to power AI applications for leading companies around the world. This tool offers a serverless platform that allows businesses to create and scale GenAI applications seamlessly, with up to 50 times lower cost compared to traditional methods. Pinecone enables users to quickly create an account, upload vector embeddings, and perform low-latency vector searches for various applications such as search, recommendation, and detection. One of the key features of Pinecone is its ability to provide more relevant results through the combination of vector search and metadata filtering. This tool allows users to update data in real-time, ensuring that the search results are always fresh and accurate. Additionally, Pinecone supports hybrid search by combining vector search with keyword boosting, offering the best of both worlds in terms of search capabilities. Pinecone is compatible with a wide range of cloud providers, data sources, models, frameworks, and more, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes. The tool is secure, reliable, and cloud-native, with SOC 2 and HIPAA certifications to meet security and operational requirements. With Pinecone, businesses can build remarkable GenAI applications faster, with better performance, and greater ease of use at any scale. Overall, Pinecone offers fast, cost-efficient performance at any scale, with a variety of features such as efficient query-planning, durable writes, adaptive clustering, multi-tenant layer, and intelligent retrieval. Businesses can utilize Pinecone’s SDKs, streamlined API, and integrations to supercharge their AI stack and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to improve customer service operations, deliver instant answers to users, or cut costs while advancing your mission, Pinecone’s serverless architecture can support your diverse portfolio of AI products across multiple regions. Pinecone – Features Build knowledgeable AI with Pinecone serverless Start, scale, and search seamlessly with low-latency vector search Filter results by metadata and find context easily Real-time updates of the Pinecone index for fresh results Combine vector search with keyword boosting for hybrid search Secure, reliable, and cloud-native for enterprise readiness Support for various cloud providers, data sources, models, and frameworks. Pinecone – Pricing Starter plan is free with limited storage and project capabilities. Standard plan costs $0.33 per GB/month for unlimited storage with varying costs for writes and reads. Enterprise plan includes additional features like single sign-on and premium support with higher costs for writes and reads. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]] 

WebTranspose: Transform any website into structured data effortlessly

​[[{“value”:” Discover more Ai business tools: Best Ai Marketing Tools Best Ai Tools for HR and Recruiting Best Ai Tools for Finance and Accounting WebTranspose is a business tool that uses AI to instantly build web scrapers for any website, allowing businesses to extract essential data such as product names, prices, and images. This tool is designed for production purposes, with features like low latency, proxy handling, and the ability to learn the structure of a website to prevent hallucinations and decrease latency. With WebTranspose, users can build a schema for the data they want to extract, create a web scraper, and run it on any website. This allows businesses to quickly gather data from various websites and use it to build products at speed. Additionally, WebTranspose offers different products like a web scraper, a distributed cloud web crawler, and a website chatbot with a vector database, providing a comprehensive solution for web data extraction and querying. The tool also offers documentation, API references, and quickstart guides for users to easily get started and utilize all the features WebTranspose has to offer. Whether you need to crawl a website, create an AI web scraper, or query a website as a vector database, WebTranspose provides the tools and resources necessary for businesses to efficiently extract and utilize web data. In summary, WebTranspose is a powerful tool for businesses looking to extract structured data from websites using AI technology. With its ability to transform any website into structured data, low latency, and various products and features designed for production, WebTranspose offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their data extraction processes. WebTranspose – Features Web Transpose uses AI to instantly build web scrapers for any website. Extract any type of data (e.g. product name, price, image) from any website. Built for production with low latency and no hallucinations. Build a schema to query any website like an API. Run the web scraper on any website easily. Access documentation including API reference and quickstart guide. Join the WebTranspose revolution for efficient web data extraction. WebTranspose – Pricing WebTranspose offers a free plan for AI web scraping and two paid plans: Builder for $9 with 500 credits and Startup for $29 with 2500 credits. Custom enterprise plans are available with unlimited websites and tailored features. Visit for more. Keep up to date with our stories on LinkedIn, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. “}]]